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Issue: "View from the Axis," March 9, 2002

Proud to sacriÞce

I read with emotion "Paying the price" and "Depth perception" (Feb. 9). As a navy wife whose husband has been deployed 18 out of the last 27 months (presently he is coming out of a deployment to Afghanistan), I and my family understand the sacrifice military service can require. My husband is not deceased, thankfully, but he is often gone and I do miss his "depth perception" in our marriage. Would I choose for my husband to be deployed again? No. But I would be proud for him to serve if our great country needed him. - Courtney Sensenig, Gulfport, Miss.

Of freedom

The fact that we now have a president who is willing to stand up to international terrorists is encouraging. However, we must not allow early successes to soften our long-term resolve to face tough realities if the task ahead gets unpleasant or requires greater sacrifice. The old adage, "Freedom is not free," is as true today as it was when first written. Although its cost at times seems greater than at others, the price for an unwillingness to pay it is more than we would ever want to bear. Thank you for being a voice of encouragement and truth to those foot soldiers still willing to pay the price. - Lt. Col. Dale L. Garrett, USAF, Langley, Va.

Never alone

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Thank you to Andree Seu for her beautifully written column, "Depth perception." I always appreciate her work, but having raised four children alone (my husband's plane was shot down in Laos in 1971), I can especially relate to Andree's thoughts in this case. I am ever grateful to God, who has been with me and seen me through these years, so that I have never really been "alone." - Carolyn Standerwick, Bellevue, Neb.

Beyond tragic

Thank you for exposing Zondervan's and the International Bible Society's new Today's New International Version ("Twisted sister," Feb. 9). It angers me to think that they can so grossly misinterpret Scripture by making it "gender neutral." Making Scripture readable and accessible is commendable, but deliberately changing the Word of God to fit your own ideas is beyond tragic. - Joel Varner, Bellingham, Wash.

Shame on WORLD

Five years ago I read WORLD's articles on the gender-neutral Bible and wondered how IBS could do such a thing. Now that I work for IBS, I know the truth. In my opinion this article is slanderous and spiteful. I have met most of the Committee on Bible Translation and do not believe that there is a "politically correct" bone among them. Shame on you for making this kind of judgment against Christian brothers and sisters. Cancel my subscription. - Paul D. Tolleson, Colorado Springs, Colo.

Still available

I am the widow of Edwin H. Palmer, who supervised the original NIV translation. I am not that keen on the present revision either. But I do think it is important that people know that they can still get the translation they have always had full confidence in. - Elsie P. Palmer, Wayne, N.J.

Spouse of Christ

You mention that the new TNIV changes the reference to believers in Hebrews 12:7 from "sons" to "children" for the sake of "gender inclusiveness." But I really feel left out by this change: I'm still a son, but now that I'm 43 years old, I no longer feel included by the word child. You don't mention if the TNIV has corrected the case of gender bias that has always disturbed me the most: the references to the church as the "bride of Christ." I certainly hope they've changed this to "spouse of Christ." As a man, I've always felt excluded by the clearly feminine term bride. It implies that only women can be part of the church, or at least that men who want to be members of the church must be effeminate. God sure is lucky that these people are helping Him fix all the mistakes He made in the first draft of His book. - Jay Johansen, Fairborn, Ohio


To suggest that "many liberals will probably praise the TNIV and many conservatives will probably criticize it" is completely ludicrous. Since I, as president of Reformation & Revival Ministries, publicly endorsed the TNIV, I suppose this makes me a "liberal" now. I hope future WORLD reports on the TNIV might allow readers to see both sides of an important discussion without poisoning the well in advance. I would find this a bit humorous, if the charges were not so serious. - John H. Armstrong, Carol Stream, Ill.


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