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Issue: "No time to celebrate," Dec. 1, 2001

Over mediated

Anthrax has become a major scare over the past weeks, and I feel many media have gone too far, scaring people into believing that there is a more serious threat than there really is ("Nothing to sneeze at," Nov. 3). Right now the biggest cause of fear is ignorance and media overkill. The vast majority of people have a better chance of winning the lottery than contracting anthrax, yet some people are going to hospitals because of false symptoms or hysteria, while the antibiotic Cipro has gone from obscurity to necessity. - Brian Noakes, Albany, Ore.


Andree Seu is the best writer I've read in a magazine or newspaper in the last 40 years. Her Nov. 3 column, "In due time," was first-class. - Roger Faber, Golden, Colo.


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WORLD's special issue on Islam was outstanding. I believe it gave a fair, accurate, and relevant biblical assessment of today's Islam. I also believe your describing it as Cold War II is an eye-opening and accurate perspective. I've passed my copy on to family and friends. - Don W. Seagraves, Kingwood, Texas

Some among us

We just received the special issue titled "Islam & terrorism." I am looking forward to reading every article in it if they contain the same no-nonsense insight and approach presented by Marvin Olasky's "Coalition, sure" and Joel Belz's "Tolerance vs. pluralism." Regarding Mr. Olasky's observation that "Muslims accept neither the Bible as written nor the God of the Bible," that's true, but I firmly believe that a large percentage among those who carry the Christian moniker are guilty of the same error. - Don Spencer, Sumner, Wash.

Keep convictions

I agree with Mr. Belz's distinction between pluralism and tolerance ("Tolerance vs. pluralism," Oct. 27). Although the term pluralism has one relatively patriotic definition, it has come to connote in our society a lack of conviction, an "anything goes" mentality, and a lack of opinion simply for the sake of avoiding conflict. I wholeheartedly agree that we must not sacrifice our convictions and callings as Christians to satisfy a prevalent American ideal. - Stephanie Rose, Corvallis, Ore.

Call for change

Joel Belz's Oct. 6 column, "Preaching can wait?" made me feel that the American church is in worse condition than I thought. We need at this time a prophetic voice, and I thank you for expressing the need for repentance even more than the need for patriotism. Of course our hearts ache for those who have died and the families they left. Of course we are overwhelmed with the radical changes that have taken place in our country and the fearful prospect of more terrorist attacks. But we need to be awakened to the fact that God is calling us as a nation to make significant changes in our way of life, or we will perhaps face harsher consequences. - John E. Hunn, Willsboro, N.Y.

All life

I am 14 years old and homeschooled. I have heard people on some conservative radio and television shows say that it is no big deal if some Afghan civilians are killed because terrorists killed so many of ours. I don't think that is the right approach. A life is a life, and all life is precious to God, whether Christian, Jewish, Buddhist, or Muslim. I can somewhat relate to what these people are feeling, because justice needs to be administered, but taking an "eye for an eye" by way of Afghan civilians will not get the job done. - Lauren Hildreth, Sarasota, Fla.


Thank you for your production of a biblically based newsmagazine. Although our concentration on the 9/11 tragedy is well deserved, somehow I also find our focus to be self-centered. The loss of around 5,000 lives was truly tragic, but thousands of children around the world die each day of disease and malnutrition and we fail to see continuous media coverage of this issue. - Gordon Oakes, Port Angeles, Wash.

More than patriotism

As the daughter of a third-generation career Foreign Service officer and the wife of an active duty Air Force serviceman, I understand the necessity of a global coalition, of sustained diplomatic efforts, military action, and economic sanctions. I am thankful for the freedoms we enjoy and the material wealth of our nation. However, Christians must not substitute patriotism for reliance upon God. Diplomacy, military power, and economic strategies will not win this war on terrorism. This nation will prevail to the extent that we trust in the Lord. - Inga R. Taranger, Kissimmee, Fla.


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