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Issue: "Politics Post 9/11," Nov. 17, 2001

God willing

I realize that the words on your Oct. 20 cover, ÒWe will not fail,Ó were a quote from President Bush. But as Christians, when we read that are we not to think, ÒGod willing, we will not failÓ? Or are we thinking to ourselves, ÒBecause we are the most powerful nation, because we are joined in this effort by other nations (although some we had to persuade a bit), because we can call up seemingly unlimited resources, we will not failÓ? Is God willing to have America continue as the worldÕs most powerful nation? Throughout history there have been many Òmost powerfulÓ nations and empires, but all have collapsed after a few hundred years. Does America have that obedience to God such that this country can survive past the usual deadline? God willing, it does. - Carol Weeber, New Brighton, Pa.

Older but wiser

I am young, in fact, just barely old enough to get a driverÕs license. But now it seems I have grown much older over the past several weeks. As I watch bombs fall in the night over Afghanistan on TV, and re-watch time and time again the planes slam into those buildings, I grow and hurt a little more. I have been shown things that I, and everyone else my age in this country, have never known before. I have seen that I am no longer completely secure inside the borders of my great country and that grief can be made into the oddest form of resolve and determination. So, I find myself indebted to your magazine, having read it cover to cover for the last several years, for keeping me posted on something suddenly so vital to me. Thanks, and may God bless America. - Michelle Miller, Snohomish, Wash.

Ready for World War III?

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For the most part, America's response, led by President Bush, to the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks leaves me appalled and infuriated. Regarding the bombing of Afghanistan, a country unrecovered from war, with a malnourished population at the mercy of a dictatorship, it strikes me as callous and cowardly for the administration and people here to so badly want the fear to stop that they're willing to inflict on Afghans the sort of fear and pain inflicted on us. And suppose countries with potentially huge military capabilities, including nuclear bombs, decide to harbor terrorists-say China, North Korea, even Iran-is Mr. Bush ready to pursue his line of action at the risk of starting WWIII? - Brian Becker, Tampa, Fla.

Proud of the president

I am a 16-year-old girl who is proud of our president and how our country has reacted to the terrorist attacks, proud that we are dropping food on Afghanistan, and proud that we are trying to bring justice to the terrorists. I am proud that I feel safe at school and at home, and that one day I can tell my kids, "You are living in the land of the free and the home of the brave." - Lauren Brittany Jacobs, Crown Point, Ind.

Not alone

I was troubled when I saw multiple religions contributing to the memorial service on Friday following the 9/11 attacks. I felt like the only person who saw this as one very small step toward the one-world religion prophesied in the Bible. Thank you, Mr. Veith, for "Syncretism and secularism" (Oct. 20). - Annette Hauck, Hummelstown, Pa.

True prayer

As a new subscriber, I've just read the Oct. 20 issue cover to cover and am pleased with what I've read. I, too, have been concerned about the all-inclusive prayer services since 9/11 mentioned by Mr. Veith. Prayer is effective when all participants pray to the one true God, but offensive when they do not. - Karen G. Larson, Monticello, Minn.

Be narrow

Mr. Veith's warning is well taken. The spirit of patriotism that is uniting Americans of all faiths is much needed and long overdue. I am moved to tears when people of many faiths and cultural backgrounds join together to sing the anthems of our great land. However, we do not all worship the same "god." One Christian friend has accused me of being too narrow at a time when we need to promote unity and acceptance. I seem to remember someone saying, "Narrow is the way that leads to life." - Nancy Hudson, Glenview, Ill.

Young runner

Thank you for writing that column about Eric Liddell ("A greater jihad," Oct. 20). I run all the time because I watched Chariots of Fire. I watch it every Friday. It's my favorite movie. - Isaac Shanholtz, 7, Williamsburg, Pa.


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