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Issue: "Elaine Chao: Unlikely star," Nov. 3, 2001

Image impact

In all my 51 years, I have never been affected by a magazine cover as I was when I pulled your Oct. 6 edition out of the pile of mail. The subtlety, the truth, and the impact of this image made me catch my breath and put an instant knot in my stomach. I was not disappointed in the featured article, either. - Karen Sommer, Wadsworth, Ohio

God's glory

Thanks for "Governor of all" (Oct. 6). I have received such a blessing from studying the verses used to express how, in everything, God works in our lives to bring glory to Himself. - Adrienne McLaughlin, Sarasota, Fla.

God's grace

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Things could have been much, much worse. God allowed this assault, but we have seen God's mercy in the wake of the attacks. Could it be that for the sake of those in America who love God, He spared this country greater harm? The attack on our country has not crushed us, but instead it has prompted this seemingly frivolous nation to sober up fast and take stock of what really matters. Overnight, the values of countless Americans have changed. Many have turned to God. We must pray and work to make these changes permanent. The very instrument with which they tried to destroy our nation and our faith has (by God's grace) reminded us how precious is that faith and the freedoms that were built upon it. - Mary Marshall Young, Bristol, Tenn.

Double standard

The left is screaming "censorship" since FedEx and Sears voluntarily quit sponsoring Bill Mahr's Politically Incorrect ("Bill marred," Oct. 6). So what do those on the political left call efforts to get sponsors to quit supporting Dr. Laura's radio program because of her anti-homosexuality comments? Can you say, "double standard"? - Tony Hudson, Wartburg, Tenn.

Offering what's ours

"A faith of peace" by Joel Belz poses a very good question and makes one wonder why Islam is the fastest growing religion in America (Oct. 6). Man has an innate spiritual hunger and a desire for moral limits. Sadly, modern Christianity, for the most part, no longer offers solutions for either. Some of the mainline denominations debate the very existence of God and deny His Word, while there is too often moral laxity even in the conservative camps. To so many people, Islam offers what we have abandoned. - Allen Brooks, Sheridan, Wyo.

Myth of peace

"A faith of peace" was exactly right. Islam needs to be held accountable for the myth of "peace" and the mountain of hate it has been teaching for the past 1,400 years. - Jim Romaine, Columbia, S.C.

Let's do lunch

I applaud Marvin Olasky for "Ethnic profile" (Oct. 6). I loved it so much it made me cry. Hamid Andalib's story was so inspiring and uplifting. His life is what the American dream is all about. I am a homemaker, and my hope is that my children will always appreciate America. If I am ever in Chattanooga, I will want to eat at Mr. Andalib's restaurant and shake his hand. God bless him and his family. - Amy Wende, Flower Mound, Texas

Clarifying the call

Your opening and closing columns by Joel Belz and Marvin Olasky were profound. Mr. Belz clearly articulates newsworthy distinctions between Christian faith and Islam, distinctions that most of the American media (and politicians) attempt to blur. Mr. Olasky's profile of Hamid Andalib helps us understand that the gospel is meant for people of every tribe and tongue. As Christians, we should be reminded that while our duties to our earthly kingdom-the United States-may require us to fight a war against Islamic regimes, our call in the spiritual kingdom is to continue to reach the people under those regimes with the true faith of peace, the gospel of Jesus Christ. - Drew Thompson, Roswell, Ga.

Counting daily

The picture of Mary Ortele on the Sept. 29 cover was deeply troubling and illustrates the grief of those who suffered loss on Sept. 11. But I also see in the picture the sweetness of memories of two people in love. It is a consolation to know that the only way to take sorrow out of death is to take love out of life; no one should be willing to pay such a high price to spare themselves sorrow. Ms. Ortele's grief makes each of us more aware of how temporary life on this earth is. We were touring the White House on Sept. 11. We count our blessings each day. - Grant Ipsen, Boise, Idaho


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