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Issue: "Interview with Larry King," July 28, 2001

You mean, like, shallow?

Bless Andree Seu's heart for attempting a positive look at the uproar over The Prayer of Jabez ("Nugget of gold," June 23). For all her effort, however, your original take on the book, "God as cosmic bellhop," was a lot closer to the mark (Bestsellers, May 19). The whole Jabez phenomenon is gold all right, fools' gold scattered across a Christianity 3,000 miles wide and one inch deep. - Jerry Sweers, Lexington, Ky.

Definitely a mantra

"Nugget of gold" shows a lack of discernment. Mr. Wilkinson, in his preface, says that the prayer of Jabez is "a daring prayer that God always answers" and "the key to a life of extraordinary favor with God." He also makes claims that have no scriptural support; for example, that after praying this prayer Jabez's "life was spared from the grief and pain that evil brings." Mr. Wilkinson's teaching about seeking increased opportunities for ministry is a noble one, but we cannot justify twisting Scripture to support it. Mr. Wilkinson has taken an obscure prayer and made it into a mantra to ensure God's blessings. - Glenn E. Chatfield, Swisher, Iowa

More taxpayers

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Regarding Pete du Pont's comments about the Social Security system running out of gas (QuickTakes, June 23): I agree about the baby boomers forcing a smaller tax base to carry the burden, and am not opposed to personally managed retirement accounts rather than tax increases or more national debt. But I find it extremely shortsighted on the part of Mr. du Pont and others to overlook an obvious solution to Social Security solvency-more taxpayers. Why are Americans not being encouraged to have more children? The federal government should be encouraging larger families via tax incentives with this long-range goal of Social Security solvency in mind. - Marc Linn Freiberg Sr., Hobart, Ind.

Check, then send one

Thanks for the quick instruction on giving ("May I recommend ... ," June 23). May I point out, however, that Mr. Belz omitted one important area of giving: Full-time missionaries need support to carry on the work of God. Check them out as closely as you would any organization, but help them do the work to which God has called them. - Craig Harvey, Rockford, Ill.

Refreshing contrast

Dr. Laura made quite an insightful statement, quoted in the June 16 article, "Now back to her regular programming": "The left personalizes things. They go after people. We go after ideas." Democrats have proven this over and over, ever since Republicans took Congress and with the character assassinations of Dan Quayle, Clarence Thomas, and others. While I'm sure that the Republicans have not always been free from such things, the Bush White House certainly has represented a refreshing contrast. - Kerry Dougan, Los Corralitos, Dominican Republic

Couldn't take any more

The June 16 issue had one article after another that caused me sorrow upon sorrow, but when I came to the article about the libraries and pornography, I screamed and cried and threw the magazine across the floor ("Faltering over filtering"). That was more than I could take. The only real hope for the USA and this world, as far down as we have come, is for the Lord to return. - Karen Griffin, Yucaipa, Calif.

Way ahead

As a long-time WORLD subscriber, it gave me mixed pleasure to open a July issue of ABA Journal and find that "The Lawyer's Magazine" is five months behind WORLD in reporting on the issue of prison rape. Your well-written article, "Brutality behind bars" (Feb. 3), raised an issue that I now hear about frequently in all media, no doubt due at least in part to WORLD making this issue an issue. But my pleasure is tempered by the thought that a powerful organization that purports to represent those who do justice daily has, at best, been slow to recognize this grave injustice. - Jason H. Foster, Reynoldsburg, Ohio

Your own copy

I was introduced to your great publication through my church's library and am now pleased to be getting my own issues that I can highlight, dog-ear, and mark up any way I wish. I need the Christian worldview to keep my perspective as I live and work in an anti-Christian environment. - Janet Simross, Heath, Ohio

Me, neither

Regarding "The view from Yakima" by Mr. Olasky in the June 23 issue, I am a minister and would not take any government assistance that had strings attached, either. The government has for years been going in the opposite direction from Christian beliefs. I fear that this trend will not improve, but get increasingly worse. May the Lord open the eyes of our people. With the people at the Yakima Union Gospel Mission, I agree that tax breaks are the safest alternative. - Stanley V. Robbins, Ironton, Ohio


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