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"Mailbag" Continued...

Issue: "Schundler's bliss," July 7, 2001


The photo illustrating "Antiques roadshill" (March 31, p. 14) depicts neither Russell Pritchard III nor George Juno, two antiques dealers who allegedly staged phony appraisals on PBS's Antiques Roadshow.

Gary Bauer came under criticism from fellow evangelicals not while he was president of the Family Research Council but during his presidential campaign (June 2, p. 9). - THe Editors


I am a missionary working in the jungles of southern Venezuela and we just started receiving your magazine about a year ago. To my surprise, I really enjoy it. I normally do not like Christian news publications because their articles leave you feeling discouraged and hopeless. Your publication seems to be well balanced and your articles usually leave me with the sense that we are gaining ground on some of the fronts. Being an expatriate and living in a very remote location, we do not receive much news out here. We do have supply flights at least once a month and I look forward to WORLD to find out what is happening in the outside world. - Walter Mutti, somewhere in southern Venezuela


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