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"Mailbag" Continued...

Issue: "Schundler's bliss," July 7, 2001

Family entertainment

A Knight's Tale wasn't a "Gladiator for dummies" (In the Spotlight, May 26). There was no sex-related dialogue, barely any violence, and the brief nudity in it was when Geoffrey Chaucer was robbed of his clothes. Also, who cares if they had no characters without diseases? Maybe they didn't have time to put that in the movie. It was a wonderful movie for the whole family. It was very clean. So, if you would be so kind as to rewrite this review to say positive things about this movie, that would make me happy. - Kristen Keenum, Kennesaw, Ga.


My mom has a subscription to your magazine, and I usually enjoy reading your Christian perspective on books and movies. However, I was extremely offended by your comment that A Knight's Tale was "dumbed down for public-school teenagers" (The Movies, June 9). I am a sophomore at a public high school. - Amy Wingfield, Prospect, Ky.

Light entertainment

I enjoyed A Knight's Tale, and I have friends who did as well. It wasn't particularly heavy on intellectual material and some of the humor was certainly aimed at an immature audience, but I thought Heath Ledger did an good job and I found the movie to be both humorous and entertaining. But what do I know-I'm just a dumb public-school teenager. - Elspeth Bennighof, 16, Woodway, Texas

Warning magazine

It is nice to know that someone cares enough to tell us or warn us about today's movies. Every time a new movie comes out, I can turn to WORLD to find out about the language, content, and plot. Because of your reviews, I have seen some movies and avoided others. - Amy Crapson, 15, Mountain Lake, Minn.

Ogre of the hour

I was disappointed by your review of Shrek ("DreamWorks' nightmare," June 2). Your criticism of the movie's potty humor was justified. However, you assumed that when the heroine became ugly it was a triumph for the marginalized; to the contrary, it showed that true beauty is internal and that true love doesn't look at the outside. - Joy Hendricks, 17, New Prague, Minn.


Recently I went to the theater with friends to see Shrek. We all wanted to see this box-office hit but our moms were cautious because of your negative review. Instead of walking into a "stale," "inappropriate," and "clunky" film we all thoroughly enjoyed it (including the moms). We were not offended but amused when the movie poked fun at fairy tales in general. - Kiersten Timpe, 12, Blandon, Pa.

Pearl who?

Your comics speak volumes and are more real than many people would want to admit. One such comic is the June 9 one captioned, "A Day of Infamy ... ," depicting movie goers who knew nothing about history. The Tuesday after Memorial Day, a person asked my 14-year-old son what he had done that weekend. He told the inquirer that he had watched a documentary on Pearl Harbor. The person's next question was, "Who's Pearl Harbor?" - Lauri Rogers, LeRoy, Ohio

The problem

Ms. Appenheimer suing to stop student-led prayer is not the problem but the symptom of it ("Neutral or hostile?" June 2). The problem is the recklessly progressive educational system she graduated from. - Adam Dinsmore, Schweinfurt, Germany

A WORLD of help

I've been a loyal reader since my father-in-law introduced me to WORLD six years ago. Thanks for the excellent website. It recently helped me locate an article called "Choosing the right college" from 1999 (even though I couldn't remember when it appeared) in a matter of moments. I also appreciate the links to other excellent features from your printed materials. - Thomas Sawyer, Rota, Spain

No provisions

Kudos to Tim Graham for his good reporting on education ("Neutral or hostile?" June 2). I just received my first subscription issue and am well-pleased. I'm annoyed with federal judges who uphold any federal law regarding education or religion, as there are no provisions in the Constitution that empower the federal government to regulate those areas. - Richard Summers, El Reno, Okla.

Check, please

Joel Belz was right on target when he questioned Vermont Senator Jim Jeffords's "middleman" position in his June 9 column ("Middleman?"). In my opinion, if this supposedly ethical hero had admirable principles when he announced his abandonment of the Republican Party, he would have presented to the Vermont Republican Party his personal check for every cent he took from the Republicans of Vermont and from the Republican national war chest for his election and reelections. - John E. Cormack, Mesa, Ariz.


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