"Railroaded?" Continued...

Issue: "Abolition of C.S. Lewis?," June 16, 2001

A spokesman for General Electric, Jeff Demerey, said the company did not lobby for the exemption. Nor did the Fortune 500 company receive orders directly from Sudan. "We did not sell parts to Sudan," he said. Mike Elbaz, a former GE employee and sales manager for Maintex, a Montreal-based firm that services trains for Sudan Railway Corporation, said he also was not aware of direct sales of GE parts to Sudan. He acknowledged that there are after-market suppliers and other ways of acquiring the parts without going directly to the source.

Trains on the main line are back to a regular schedule after several erratic years, according to John Eibner of Christian Solidarity International, a Zurich-based organization that sends teams into the area to track and redeem slaves. Eyewitnesses report seeing the train at least as recently as Jan. 21, accompanied by horseback militia engaged in slave raids. The trains are running again, just not the way humanitarians planned.


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