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Issue: "Germ warfare and national security," June 2, 2001

One thing

One thing history shouts loud and clear: If you want peace, prepare for war. - John Nickerson, Pensacola, Fla.


I really appreciated the diagram of the destroyer equipped with the Aegis shown in your article on the Taiwan arms sale. It was informational and interesting. - Mike Reardon, Halsey, Ore.

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I'm sorry that Mr. Belz refuses to become a member of the public radio station in his area. I financially support WHYY-FM in Philadelphia (I am also WHYY's operations manager). As a Christian I agree with him that some of what is heard on public radio is inappropriate and offensive. My point of contention with Mr. Belz is that he will not support public radio, but still listens to it and even praises much of it. If Mr. Belz finds most of what he hears on public radio useful, then he should help pay for the service with a pledge of support. - Joe Pizzuto-Pomaco, Philadelphia, Pa.

Happily freeloading

I, too, am a happy freeloader. I enjoy NPR's selection of music, and I also listen to Fresh Air, etc., but change stations when the programs promoting homosexuality, horoscopes, and pleas for money come on. I used to send a little money to take advantage of some fundraising offers, but I got over feeling guilty about freeloading a long time ago and I doubt that the station will go under because I don't send money. I'd rather help support Christian ministries, and take "God's rain" as it comes. - Tim Bachicha, Alamosa, Colo.

Saving ourselves

This drive to over-regulate and license all aspects of risk in our society-in this case, introducing graduated driver's licenses for teens-in the name of public safety is just another manifestation of where we put our trust ("Not so fast," May 5). Our god is government and we believe it will save us from ourselves. I vote with Tim Lambert and for freedom. - Kevin C. Smith, Wichita Falls, Texas

How could they?

I can hardly believe the song you reported being sung at the National Organization for Women "emergency action meeting," about hooking up "to that great big suction pump, and bust that little piece of dust that's growing deep inside of me" ("Underpopulated," May 5). Even liberals have some decency. How could they sing those words? - Janet Neidhardt, Culver Lake, N.J.

Moms are the best

The article about the recent research on the effects of day care on children was great (Quick Takes, May 5). It's a relief to see the secular world reinforcing what many of us have known all along-no one is better for a child than his mother. If adverse effects are the result of daycare and the lack of a father, what does this say about the policy of placing foster children, and often allowing the adoption of children, into the homes of single working women? - Lori Flaglor, Delaware, Ohio

Public-school revival

I just finished the April 28 "Ideal schools" special issue and was impressed by your commitment to tackle such an important topic. As a parent of two elementary children who attend public school, I have committed myself to trying to improve my local school system. I am a school-board trustee who has seen the vacuum Christians have left behind in the public school system. Many of these districts are run by agnostic or atheistic progressivists, and these same people are educating our teachers who then come and spread their poison to our children. I have seen firsthand that Christians can become leaders in the local school districts and revive the system like no other "federal mandate" or state improvement plan. - Cheryl Rose, Memphis, Mich.

Pay attention

In the early 1970s I was stationed on Taiwan with the Seventh Fleet. During the tour of duty, I visited the island of Kinmen, which is just off China's coast but controlled by Taiwan. At that time, China and Taiwan alternated even and odd days of sending pamphlets by balloons and using loudspeakers to promulgate propaganda to each other. It seemed that the residents and local fishermen paid no attention. Now China has short-range ballistic missiles aimed at Taiwan ("Armed but not dangerous," May 5). We need to pay attention. Marvin Olasky is right ("Faith in dictators," May 5). We should sell the Aegis combat system to Taiwan. The contrast between democracy and Communism is stark. We must resist bullies and support our allies-or we won't have any. - J.D. Moyers, Littleton, Colo.


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