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Issue: "Attack and dissent," May 19, 2001


I fully agree with "It's up to the parents" (April 7). It is not the government's job to teach morality to students. Parents have slowly given up to the school systems their duty to teach their own children. My parents have homeschooled me since fourth grade. Some want to spend millions of dollars to teach character education in public schools, but parents should not push their children onto the government's shoulders, but teach them themselves to do right. - Cynthia Schill, Pensacola, Fla.

Cutting edge WORLD

I can't say enough about WORLD's excellent reporting. You are proof that Christians can be cutting edge on life and culture and an informed part of our society. - Ruth Solon, Highland Village, Texas

With all he has

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What a joy to read your cover story on Tony Evans and the Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship ("Changed hearts," April 21). I have heard Dr. Evans teach and preach at Bible studies and at Promise Keepers conferences. I was convinced he is honoring the Lord with all he has and all he is and have been supporting The Urban Alternative for several years. Pastor Evans's emphasis on the whole Bible, including welfare and church discipline, make him a rarity. His boisterous preaching style and wonderful modern-day parables have made him one of the most popular speakers among Christian men. When I start promoting any Promise Keepers conference, I can't tell you how many men ask me if Tony Evans will be on the platform. - Stuart L. Brogden, Houston, Texas

Everyday life

I was encouraged to see the April 21 cover story on the work of Tony Evans's congregation in real ministry to real people in need. The line above, "After the standoff," reminded us that the U.S./China aircraft incident requires an important place in our focus of current and world events, but not to the exclusion of the affairs of everyday life. - Terry Pennington, Dayton, Va.

Hart of faith

Thank you for publishing Johnny Hart's Easter "B.C." comic strip ("Newspaper Christophobia," April 21). It was withheld from our local paper. Isn't the censoring of this strip ironic, given that this nation's birth was conceived by a group of brave souls who ventured from the Old World to a new shore so that they could worship and express their faith in Christ freely? In the next century another group of courageous men put their names on a Declaration of Independence and pledged their lives, fortunes, and sacred honor so that we might, among other rights, have the freedom of expression. Now many publications feel compelled to withhold an author's expression of the very faith that is the bedrock of this nation's culture because it might be offensive. - Walter Stansbury, Rockledge, Fla.

The facts

It is strange that historical facts are so often overlooked when we incorporate Christ into our conversations. Johnny Hart showed that the Jewish carpenter of Nazareth was the Jewish Messiah who died for the sin of the world. Those who preach that we need to be tolerant of each other's religious views were shouting, "Crucify him! Drop his comic strip!" Well, they cannot erase the historical facts that Jesus Christ claimed to be the Messiah, that He was crucified for this, that there is ample evidence that He rose from the grave, and that this is the reason for the religious holiday known as "Easter." - Paul W. Bennett, Manasquan Park, N.J.

No separation

We first discovered WORLD while visiting our daughter in Michigan. Our first issue, April 21, has arrived and I read it in one sitting. Congratulations to Joel Belz for "Everything is faith-based." No one can separate his religion from life no matter what they call themselves, and everyone has a religion. - Clay Nuttall, Winston Salem, N.C.

Trading faith?

Yes, everything is faith-based. But are we trading our base for a few dollars? Are we falling for the big-government answer-money? The church isn't to look to government for funds that only create dependence for people or the church. - Jeff Seekins, Tipp City, Ohio


I cringed when I read about the church that insists on disciplining members' children in public ("Share the rod," April 21). Such distortions of Christianity only provide fuel for Christian bashing in society in general and in the news media in particular. The article shows the danger of taking one Bible verse out of context and building a church around it. - Charles E. Troxell, Quarryville, Pa.


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