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Issue: "Life Issues," Feb. 24, 2001

Always merciful

Thanks to Marvin Olasky for reminding me that God is merciful all the time, even when we do not take the time to thank Him for it. - Cortney Johnson, Birmingham, Ala.

No cowards

Ms. Chavez and Mr. Ashcroft could take courage ("Opening day defeat," Jan. 20) by memorizing a poem by Charles MacKay my Dad taught me many years ago: "You have no enemies, you say? Alas, my friend, the boast is poor ... You've hit no traitor on the hip; You've dashed no cup from perjured lip; You've never changed the wrong to right; You've been a coward in the fight." - Lucius B. "Cap" Pooser, Marianna, Fla.

Department-store demise

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Stay the course. WORLD can and will create the "Big 4" ("Impossible dream?" Jan. 13). It will happen with readers like me, who pass on articles and issues to those who would like to hear more of what I have to say when we discuss politics, social issues, faith, whatever. More readers will come. The other three will have to recognize it one day, or face a department-store demise through becoming obsolete without any warning. - Andy & Mary Hefty, Glen St. Mary, Fla.


My wife and I were thrilled to open the Dec. 23 issue and see the smiling face of Jim Wood ("The Half-Century Club"). Jim and his late wife, Anna Belle, have been instrumental in blessing the lives of many, many people over the years. Besides being faithful to their own flock, they have reached out across denominational and cultural lines to share Christ's love with countless others. I am very blessed to have been under his care for the many years I lived there. - Randal Russell, Gig Harbor, Wash.


WORLD's general news coverage and especially presidential election coverage has been outstanding. Keep it up. - Ted Bishop, Berryville, Va.

We do

Thank you for publishing your Mailbag each week. Many magazines will not publish the letters that unhappy readers write. I think that we as Christians should be able to sift through the stuff that we don't believe in and still be able to use the information in the offending article. - Chris Stanton, 15, Willis, Va.

Too bad

Like Maj. Maedo, the author of your article ("Disgruntled grunts," Jan. 20), my son resigned from the U.S. Army after serving for 10 years and reaching the rank of major. Twenty years ago, before "political correctness" and social experimenting, he would have made an excellent soldier. However, his dissatisfaction with a lack of materials and his senior officers drove him to the difficult decision to resign. I am the proud wife of a career Army officer (retired), and am equally proud of my son. Too bad the powers that be won't stop scratching their heads at the mass exodus of promising officers and ask them why they're leaving. - Bobbye Nelson, Page, Ariz.


Philippine Vice President Gloria Arroyo resigned from the cabinet of President Joseph Estrada (Nov. 11, p. 8; Feb. 3, p. 36).

  • The Jan. 27 article "I will keep my oath" should have carried Bob Jones's byline. - The Editors

Seditionist taxpayers

Chinese leaders should study what the Bible has to say regarding a Christian's relationship to government. Christians who are not forced into unbiblical actions make the best citizens. What other supposedly seditionist group would advocate paying taxes, being industrious citizens, and offering up prayer for the king? - Ken Fenger, Aliso Viejo, Calif.

Blowing away smog

Thanks to WORLD and Mindy Belz, American Christians can know how to pray for China's persecuted Christians. Mrs. Belz is clearing away some of the religious commercial smog, misinformation, and disinformation that is written about China-some of it by prophets for profit. - Eddie Karnes, Yelm, Wash.

Quiet, mighty work in China

Americans seem so eager to tell horror stories about persecution in China, such as your cover story on Nanjing Seminary, but we pay so little attention to God's blessing there. The real news from China is the miraculous progress of the gospel. With an estimated 50 million believers, it may be the greatest church growth movement in history-without the "essentials" that most of us consider necessary for effective ministry. There are countless stories of how God is blessing ministry activity associated with registered churches, house churches, and the growing area in between. Please let the problems be seen in the shadow of God's quiet but mighty work in China. - Stephen Kemp, Winthrop Harbor, Ill.


I enjoyed the article on the Philip Pullman series ("Very dark material," Jan. 27). I read the first book in the trilogy after Mr. Pullman was touted in Newsweek. I found his writing lacked not only a Christian worldview but also the wit and brevity that characterize The Narnia Chronicles. Mr. Pullman populates his first book with unique characters and then gives them little to do or say that is original. - Adrian Yelverton, Raleigh, N.C.


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