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Issue: "Reining in the UN," Feb. 17, 2001

A time for loyalty?

One can fault Linda Chavez for not being more forthcoming with Fred Fielding, the Bush Team's vetter ("Opening day defeat," Jan. 20). Mr. Bush is well-known for demanding loyalty from subordinates; at what point, though, should someone on his team expect loyalty from him? How much better if the man who is the political face of compassionate conservatism had looked at the facts and then judged that Ms. Chavez's omission had been outweighed by the act of compassion itself? Maybe he did the right thing by not sending signals of support, leading her to withdraw. Conservatives will learn how to interpret the Chavez incident by how he and his team fight for John Ashcroft. You have to choose your battles, but eventually you have to choose one and fight. - Bill Marsh, Charlotte, N.C.


The Democrats' successful opposition to Linda Chavez as labor secretary once again points out their incredible hypocrisy. While it is not important to Democrats that the President of the United States commits perjury or obstructs justice, we don't dare have a labor secretary who gave a down-and-out alien some money. For them the only real crime is not bowing to their god of the liberal agenda. - Dale L. Garrett, Hampton, Va.

Lawful to do good

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While reading Marvin Olasky's "Gimme shelter" (Jan. 20), I couldn't help but think of when the Pharisees asked Jesus, "Is it lawful to heal on the Sabbath?" Jesus replied that "it is lawful to do good on the Sabbath," and so he too practiced compassion and was criticized unjustly. - Wanda Jarchow, Luverne, Minn.

Hit the network ...

I am appalled by Comedy Central's latest idea of entertainment. The children of presidents have historically been off-limits and George W. Bush's daughters are two fine young women who do not, in any way, deserve this abomination. - Karla Hamrick, Wapakoneta, Ohio

Out of line

Your Jan. 20 cover shows as much disrespect for the office of the president as Bill Clinton ever did. "Bye-bye, Bill" was out of line. - Tim Washam, Somerset, Ky.

Culture-war casualty

I regret to inform you that I will not be renewing my subscription at this time. I will renew in one to three years. Your articles are good and some are extraordinary. The problem is that the news is depressing and the liberals have won the culture war. I need time to retreat and concentrate on eternal things. - David J. Salmon, Sparta, N.J.

Dream on

For years I subscribed to one of the Big Three newsmagazines that showed an occasional conservative bent and mistakenly shunned WORLD, thinking its coverage wasn't broad enough. Then an obscene, and unfortunately noncontroversial, advertisement forced me to change. I've never looked back, and have always assumed that WORLD would make three into four, as Mr. Olasky aspires ("Impossible dream?" Jan. 13). Please, at least for the sake of the singers in the choir, never give up the dream. - Annette Marquardt, Talihina, Okla.

On the ball

Bravo to Andree Seu for her insightful thoughts on spin. The liberal, media major-leaguers may not appreciate her views, but she puts just enough on the ball (point pen, that is) to hit the reader between the eyes. - Lisa Mackey, Frankfort, Ky.

Stop now

I find your publication to be much more Republican than it is Christian. Please stop my subscription immediately. - Katherine Yost, Fair Haven, N.J.

Another member

After reading your article on pastors who have served our Lord for 50 years or more in the same church, I feel compelled to add the name of our pastor, Dr. Arthur F. Robbins, who will begin his 53rd year at Otay Baptist Church ("The Half-Century Club," Dec. 23). We are located four miles north of the Mexican border and about six miles east of the Pacific Ocean. - James B. Miller, Chula Vista, Calif.

In the best interest

I have no doubt that Linda Chavez is a woman of integrity and compassion. What a bind she was in regarding the help she gave to Marta Mercado. However, she knew Ms. Mercado was an illegal alien, and the laws regarding this are not only in our best interest but also in the best interest of the illegal person. I can't blame them for wanting the security of this country or Ms. Chavez for wanting to help a person in need. However, if we turn our backs to this problem it will only increase the risks they take and possibly hinder those who are attempting to enter our country legally. It is sad to lose a person of Ms. Chavez's character, but she was right in saying, as a prospective cabinet member, "I gave them ammunition." - Pat Shicks, Sioux Center, Iowa


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