Brutality behind bars

"Brutality behind bars" Continued...

Issue: "One president, under God," Feb. 3, 2001

Charles Colson, chairman of Prison Fellowship Ministries, finds this attitude appalling. "Prisoners have a right not to be brutalized, and we should not tolerate it," he said. "I know it's all too common, because in the last 25 years I've been inside 600 prisons, and I've talked to the victims." Others who have peered into the grisly world of prison rape also warn that if Americans are unconcerned about stopping assaults for the sake of the prisoners, we will end up paying a steep price.

Just ask Roanne Withers. Some 15 years ago, a man who had just been released from prison sexually assaulted Ms. Withers. She's now convinced that he was, in a twisted way, attempting to regain his sense of manhood.

It's a grim reminder that the horrors of a thousand prison hells, left unchecked, may boil over onto more and more innocent victims.


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