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A life, spared

Gratitude from a son for a birth mother's choice

Issue: "Life Issues," Feb. 24, 2001

My name is Mike Glass and I am adopted. At the age of four days old, my adoptive parents took me as their own and have to this day loved me so fully, showing me exactly what "love" means. I have never known and might never know my birth mother, but I am forever thankful and will not ever forget the gift that I have received from my two sets of parents: my life. My birth mother was not able to keep me. From the best of my knowledge, she was 19 and worked as a counter clerk. A kid was not supposed to happen; she couldn't live the life she needed and keep me, and her mother demanded she get rid of this child. It was not to stop her life, but she was to stop its life. But something went wrong (thank you, God) and she knew in her heart that she could not go through with the abortion. About 12 hours before my scheduled abortion, my birth mom chose to find another option (thanks Mom) and my new parents were at the receiving end (thanks Mom and Dad). That is why I have kissed a girl, thrown a baseball, gone to elementary school, hiked Mt. Garibaldi, sang at the top of my lungs to my favorite song on the radio, while feeling the air blow in the window of my friend's Volvo, flown in an airplane, danced so hard, been a Boy Scout, felt tears drizzle down my cheeks, laughed till I felt I could never laugh again, talked a friend out of committing suicide, pet a dog, smelt a flower, and been to church. My life is by no means incredible and I may never amount to anything but a janitor, but I am so thankful for my life to this point and what I have ahead of me. I am also mortified that in a land so great, so majestic, 40 million people have not even breathed the air of our earth before being killed. These babies were killed. I am sorry to insult anyone at the other side of this debate, but know that I believe in a God bigger than this problem. There has to be a better way. If this has made you uncomfortable, I am glad. Sorry, but glad. I can't stop this, but I feel I have, as does every one, a purpose. If this has made you think, I am glad. Please consider forwarding this or maybe just praying, for revival, a new way, maybe that our new elected officials will, somehow, lessen or halt this body count. If you don't believe in God or prayer, I will be praying for you and that we may not be divided by creed. America: Isn't this what it's all about? Not doing the easy thing, but doing the right thing. This isn't a joke, a test, a chain letter, a threat, a story. It is my life. It is my way of saying thanks God, Mom, Mom and Dad. I love you all. Thank you for letting me breathe my first breaths, I could have easily been one of the 40 million. You could have too, or maybe you have taken part as a doctor, a mother, a father, a nurse. God forgives, and I just pray and wait for the day when my future son's wife, doctor, or tow truck driver is not at risk of being murdered before birth. There is so much that I wish to write on about, but I promised you I'd keep it short. Thank you so much for simply reading this and thank God for this air that I breathe. I am sorry to those 40 million and counting who never got the chance. In love, glad to be alive, loved, willing to try, by His mercies ...

-The author is a 17-year-old high-school student who lives in St. Louis county.
This article began as an e-mail message to friends.

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