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Issue: "Every law counts," Dec. 23, 2000

Now we know

Joel Belz's article, "Vote early, and often" (Nov. 25) reminded me of the time I explained to my Czech friends that identification is not necessary to vote in American elections-in my case, with an absentee ballot. They were incredulous: "What kind of system do you have there?" Now we all know. - Gary Rickard, Prague, Czech Republic

No way

Mr. Belz's identification of the most basic flaws in our voting procedures is the core issue. To regulate the voting process vigorously is to take away the ability to manipulate it. If Mr. Gore had won Florida on the first recount, I would have been sad but I would have accepted it. However, under the circumstances, I will not be able to accept him in anything but form as my president. Mr. Clinton is an embarrassment; Mr. Gore and the people who surround him are a disgrace. - Bruce L. Gittinger, Fairfax, Va.

Al the way

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I must respectfully object to the biased terms you use in the Nov. 25 issue: "A legal coup?" and "stealing" the election? George W. Bush may indeed be our next president, but don't forget that Al Gore might have won Florida if not for a confusing ballot in Palm Beach. If Mr. Bush is our next president I will stand behind him, but I will always know in my heart that Al Gore really won this election. - Alan Light, Iowa City, Iowa

Stand with integrity

As a high-school freshman who has been following the election closely, I appreciated Mr. Olasky's insight ("Meek or weak?" Nov. 25). Mr. Bush should fight harder, because as a Christian with integrity he needs to stand for what is right, and abide by the laws in Florida and in our nation. - Nick Allen, Anaheim, Calif.


"Meek or weak" was right on the money. Christians need to understand the difference between meekness and just plain spiritual laziness. Most Christians I've talked to about this election are either ignorant of the role biblical principles played in this country's history or too scared to stand up for what is right and risk being called "intolerant." Instead this group mutters a few "forgiveness" platitudes and refuses to get their hands dirty by speaking out against Satan's lies. - Steve Fogler, Tucson, Ariz.

One is too many

Regarding Pete DuPont's observations about the geographic correlation of Gore support and pornography sales in "It's the culture, stupid": Why must Mr. Veith stoop to the level of Paul Begala, a Democratic spokesman who, in a recent television interview, noted a similar "correlation." He described how many Bush supporters come from states known for homophobia-related crimes and the dragging to death of an African-American. Do two really have to play at this game? These overgeneralizations only incite people, and opportunity for productive dialogue is greatly diminished. - D. Somerville, Greenville, Ill.

They believe

One of the main reasons black people refused to vote for Mr. Bush was that he is opposed to affirmative action ("A reliable constituency," Nov. 25). My daughter and her friends, who are black, believe that if it weren't for affirmative action, black people would be passed over for all but the most menial jobs. - Alta Stingle, Austell, Ga.

Turned off

I read "Tune in, turn on, turn out" (Nov. 25) with deep sadness. It appears 9 out of 10 black votes went to Mr. Gore, and many of those came from church-sponsored "get out the vote" drives. Obviously blacks were not the only ones who voted for Gore, but I do not have a "load module" for anyone naming the name of Christ who could vote for baby killers, no matter what the other issues are. - Hal and Mary Maynor, Lititz, Pa.


I was grief stricken to read that Guy Condon, president of CareNet, had passed away ("Loss of a leader," Nov. 25). As a former director of a pregnancy resource center, I know that the lives of thousands of women and crisis pregnancy center workers have been touched by the passion and vision this leader had for both the life of the "not-yet- born" and their mothers. Guy was a kindhearted, funny, faithful man. He loved God, his family, and all who were involved in the ministry of life. Such a loss is tragic. - Dianna Salciccioli, Bend, Ore.

Load 'em up

Perhaps Etta Kralovec and John Buell have a good idea in suggesting that homework puts an unnecessary burden on kids ("Can parents be bothered?" Nov. 18). When I hear of kindergartners assigned "homework," it makes me wonder what's wrong with their teacher. If the average kindergartner "needs" homework, it means that either the teacher can't cover the material in class time, or the school is trying to load up too much politically correct junk on the little ones. - Karen Husmann, Gardena, Calif.


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