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Issue: "Mad Dash," Dec. 16, 2000

Partial-birth election

Democrats desperate to overturn the election have resorted to personifying votes, claiming that the "voices" of set-aside votes have been silenced, disregarded by the machines assigned to count them and purposefully neglected by partisans ("President Bush?" Nov. 18). Each ballot, pregnant with intent, bears the potential to alter the course of American history. We're frantically admonished to consider how we could allow this miscarriage of justice. How ironic that for most Democrats "every vote must be counted" yet the life of every child must be "chosen." Vice President Al Gore has demonstrated callous and calculated disregard for their disposable voices. Will we soon witness the death of his political aspirations by partial-birth election? - Eileen Arentz, Ventor, N.J.

Another election

On Nov. 7, I was glued to the radio and television talk shows, ecstatic that my choice for president would likely be chosen. And then, into the night, it became clear that the election was far from over and that the uncertainty and discord would continue. But that evening I also learned that, in Birmingham, Ala., another type of vote counting had taken place. My granddaughter prayed, "Thank you for dying on the cross for me." The Vote Counter Himself took a ballot that He had cast before the beginning of time, opened it, and declared to the heavens that Anna Grace is now signed, sealed, and delivered to Him as His child for all eternity. Her election is sure and there will never be a recount. - Barbara Smith, Tucker, Ga.

In control

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Thank you, Mr. Olasky, for the encouraging reminder that God is still in control, and will remain so forever ("America the beautiful," Nov. 18). I find myself moving up and down the emotional scale, depending on the newscast, and I appreciated the call to change focus and remember that God is not perplexed by our political system. This controversy has served to make me appreciate the God-given wisdom of our country's founders. Plus, my children now understand why there is an Electoral College. - Kathleen Nixon, Falls Church, Va.

Overlooking the law?

After reading "Sudden-death overtime" (Nov. 18) and seeing the past weeks of controversy, I'm convinced that Al Gore is just a spoiled little boy who lost a game and will not accept it. This disturbs me greatly. If he overlooks the law to get elected, then surely he will do it in office. - Ryan Sexton, 16, Columbia, S.C.

Lose the war?

I'm a conservative and a Bush supporter, but I wonder if it would be in the Republicans' long-term interests not to get the White House at this time. If Mr. Bush wins, he will have razor-thin majorities in Congress and face anger from half the American voting population, who will consider the election stolen. His ability to accomplish anything could be sharply limited, and this could help the Democrats in the 2002 congressional and 2004 presidential elections. But if Mr. Gore takes the White House, without control of the House or the Senate he will be even less powerful than Mr. Bush would have been. So will the winner of this battle be the loser of the war? We can only wait and see. - Chuck Siebsen, St. Paul, Minn.

No demand

During the campaign George W. Bush insisted that he's a man of the highest integrity. If this were true he would be demanding recounts anywhere that there is evidence of voting irregularities. - George Wilcox, Southlake, Texas

Fix it later

Democrats have been saying that Americans just want their votes counted. There is a system in place. It may not be the best system, but until this election not much has been done about improving it. This may be our fault, but we should change things after the facts, not during them. - Richard Coller, Colton, N.Y.

It's not funny

I just opened my e-mail to find still another letter in a continuing barrage of attempts to make fun of the chaos in Florida, but I haven't been able to find much humor in the debacle. The Constitution is being trashed like an old newspaper and the judicial system is attempting to overrun the democratic process. I encourage all of us to bend our knees and pray without ceasing for our land. - Don Muscarella, Mercer, Pa.

Election thrills

My students at our Christian school followed the election results closely ("An uneasy majority," Nov. 18). As news trickled in concerning the six referendum questions on Maine's ballots, I updated the kids on the results. What a thrill it was to hear them cheer when all six questions went down to defeat, especially those that would have legalized video gambling, physician-assisted suicide, and special rights for homosexuals. We thank the Lord for watching over our state, and we continue to pray for godly leadership at the national level, too. - William MacDonald, Hermon, Maine


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