Higher hurdles

"Higher hurdles" Continued...

Issue: "Mad Dash," Dec. 16, 2000

Enhance the privilege of voting. In their misguided zeal to make voting easy, some folks have drastically cheapened the privilege. But easy come, easy go; a right to vote that costs virtually nothing will be traded away just as trivially.

Guarding that which is valuable, on the other hand, makes you treasure it just that much more. Will there be opposition to such modest defenses of the treasure? Of course-but when such arguments come, you'll have every right to question the motives of those who raise them. Almost certainly, they'll come from folks who have a greater interest in manipulating other people's votes than in exercising their own.

Joel Belz
Joel Belz

Joel, WORLD's founder, writes a regular column for the magazine and contributes commentaries for The World and Everything in It. He is also the author of Consider These Things.


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