Blue Nile legacy

"Blue Nile legacy" Continued...

Issue: "Mad Dash," Dec. 16, 2000

Neither distance nor time dim the connection between the missionaries and their progeny. In church Timothy Nyero reads aloud a letter of greetings from Miss Cridland, who, at 93, is retired in South Carolina and lives with Miss Beam, now 89. From Wadega, Michael Yerko sends a word of thanks to the Stranskes, retired in California, and Bill Rogers, who lives in Florida. Michael, along with a new wife and baby, lives in a mud hut on the old mission compound. They eat daily from the missionaries' fruit trees.

Nearly 40 years since he last saw Wadega, Bill Rogers is thankful that more than fruit trees survived, and wistful: "I'd do anything to get out there again."


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