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Issue: "Beating the school rules," Sept. 23, 2000

He is alive

After reading "Sackcloth and ashes" (Aug. 26) on the political death of Bill Clinton, I cannot help but wonder if Ms. Seu and I are living in the same universe. I, for one, can take no joy in his political death because he is not dead. This man remains popular with some two-thirds of the American public, and perhaps the only thing preventing his reelection is a Constitutional limit of two terms. And he is certainly not held at arm's length by the Democratic Party. They welcomed him like a god at their recent national convention ("Can't stop thinking about yesterday," same issue). - Daniel L. Black, Cleveland, Tenn.

No shelter

Thank you for "Sackcloth and ashes." It helps put the Clinton scandals into proper spiritual perspective. Our focus on Mr. Clinton's need for accountability can easily blind us to our own culpability before God (personal or collective). Mr. Clinton's sins are horrifying and felonious, but they will be a lousy smoke screen before God if we refer to them to excuse our own lack of repentance. Our own sins should outrage us more than the president's. - Joel Mark Solliday, New Haven, Conn.

One of many

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I was appalled by "Sackcloth and ashes." It describes Bill Clinton as being "brought down by a 24-year-old intern." Ms. Lewinsky was just one of several women who claim to have suffered at the hands of this man taking advantage of his position of power. And what about the babies whose brains have been sucked out through the infanticide called partial-birth abortion? Mr. Clinton twice vetoed a bill that would have ended that. I have neither malice nor a grudge toward Bill Clinton. I do, though, take great joy at his political death for our country's sake. - Bernard A. Stukenborg, Goodson, Mo.

Counting the days

I disagree that we cannot take satisfaction from the end of the political career of someone like President Clinton. I, for one, am counting the days to the end of his term. I would also like to know what "consequence of sin" Ms. Seu thinks Mr. Clinton has demonstrated to our children. He used his office to promote the homosexual agenda, continue the slaughter of the unborn, perform illicit sexual acts, and run perhaps the most scandal-ridden administration ever, and has so far escaped criminal punishment. The only example this president has shown our children is that people in positions of power are above the law. - Andrea Schumann, Moberly, Mo.

Punishment needed

While there may be grounds for being cautious about rendering pious sentence upon Mr. Clinton for his personal moral downfall, it is expedient, for the welfare of our nation, that the public chastise him for a multitude of governmental evils. - H. Eugene Eslinger, Green Bay, Wis.

Pharisee Joseph?

Mr. Lieberman's self-imposed rules sound very much like those of the Pharisees who, if alive today, might have their own walking lane to the airport ("Lieberman lovefest," Aug. 26). - Larry Bradley, Houston, Texas

Here they are

In his excellent column on Sen. Joe Lieberman, Joel Belz asks where among professing Protestants and Catholics in public life are those with the discipline and diligence of their faith shown by the senator. May I propose that Protestants can point to S. Truett Cathy, founder of the Chick-fil-A restaurant chain, who keeps his stores closed on Sunday, and Catholics can point to Tom Monaghan, founder of Domino's Pizza, who is working hard to give to worthy causes all of his reported $1 billion fortune. - Marshall Fritz, Fresno, Calif.

No surprise

"Lieberman lovefest" was an interesting observation on how affectionately the media has embraced Mr. Lieberman's practice of his faith. Why are we surprised? It has always been more palatable to unbelievers to work for salvation than to place faith in Jesus Christ alone for salvation. - Olivia Williams, Montgomery, Ala.

It's a child

When New Jersey Supreme Court Justice Poritz states, in a decision striking down a parental notification law, that the teen has a right to decide "whether to carry a child to term," she admits that the unborn is in fact a child ("Parenthood is 'insubstantial,'" Aug. 26). If the fetus is a child, then the killing is murder. - Al Shumard, Woodbridge, Va.

Count it

Regarding the 8-year-old girl who was forbidden to perform "Kum Ba Yah" at a summer camp talent show: Chalk up another one for the "freedom of religion equals freedom from religion" crowd ("Hitting a low note," Aug. 26). - Paul M. Elliot, Westminster, Md.


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