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Issue: "AIDS: Africa's affliction," Sept. 9, 2000

More than paper

I was one of those hat-waving, foot-stompin', chair-standing, hoopin' and hollerin' (and now hoarse) Texas delegates at the Republican convention. All week members of other delegations asked us how we put together such an energetic group. It was done one precinct meeting at a time, with years of perseverance and sacrifice. Most of us went back home to our families or jobs, homeschooling our children or volunteering at our local crisis pregnancy centers. But we all went home knowing we participated in a process that sets us apart from most of the rest of the world-a process that allows us a say in the policies that hopefully will guide this nation. Some say the Republican platform is just a piece of paper. Well, so was the Declaration of Independence. - -George W. Clay, Bowie, Texas

Clearing the air

I have always been aware of the liberal bias of the media but you have opened my eyes to the way they deftly mold the news to fit their liberal agenda ("Boo-hoo: GOP provides news media no negative campaigning to criticize," Aug. 12). WORLD is a breath of fresh air in the stagnant world of magazines. - -Andrea Schumann, Moberly, Mo.

Spun out

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I am sickened of the liberal spin by political "analysts" on those intolerant, uncompromising Republicans. The Democratic platform is just as staunch for abortion as the Republican platform is against it. And members of which party's California delegation booed Boy Scouts when they walked on stage to lead the Pledge of Allegiance? And where was the media to report this? Strangely silent. Instead we saw, several times, the quiet prayerful protest of Republican Christians against the gay member of Congress who spoke at the Republican convention. Which is the real party of intolerance? - Trevin Wax, Murfreesboro, Tenn.

Avoiding the trap

I think you completely misread Mr. Bush's tactics in his interview with Barbara Walters ("An aborted vision," Aug. 12). Mr. Bush's simple response, "I am pro-life," turned away an opportunity for her to pick him apart or try to force him to equivocate. Too many professing pro-life politicians have been seen to waffle, temporize, or obfuscate. Mr. Bush's statement and his choice of a pro-life running mate show that he means to avoid this trap, and his promise to sign a bill banning partial-birth abortion forces the Democrats to defend this abomination. - Robert D. Sexton, Fresno, Calif.

No soap

I found Dr. Reardon's "judgment call" against Gov. Bush to be an exceptionally naïve assessment considering, as Dr. Reardon himself pointed out, Barbara Walters's agenda to portray the Republican candidate as the "enemy of choice." It is naïve to assume that one's staunch ideological enemy would allow your noble soap box moment to air unedited and unchallenged. It was not the forum to deliver a State of the Union address on the issue. - Bryan J.L. Glass, Elkins Park, Pa.

You've got mail

Dr. Reardon found an answer to those who are pro-choice, pro women's rights, etc. I am impressed with his thoughtful solutions to a difficult problem. I hope you sent a copy to Mr. Bush. - Anne Batty, San Clemente, Calif.

A soft answer

Rather than send a nasty note to General Mills, I called to thank them for putting the Bible on the CD even though they had apologized for it ("Nixing Scripture," Aug. 12). Meanwhile, I am enjoying the software. - Marte Kellogg, San Antonio, Texas

Nixing General Mills

My husband and I were very disappointed with General Mills upon reading "Nixing Scripture." Our family has decided to stop using General Mills products until they can satisfactorily explain themselves. - Karolyn Dunlop, Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio

Noah Webster's colleague

Another great job, Lynn Vincent, on "Nixing Scripture." However, Miriam is the sister of Moses. It's a Merriam who helped write the Merriam-Webster Dictionary. - Rick Merriam, Marion, S.D.

Noah Webster's colleague

Another great job, Lynn Vincent, on "Nixing Scripture." However, Miriam is the sister of Moses. It's a Merriam who helped write the Merriam-Webster Dictionary. - Rick Merriam, Marion, S.D.

Just a game

While Mr. Veith's theory about Survivor being Darwinian was interesting, it might have helped if he had watched the show first ("Alternate reality," Aug. 12). His supporting claims were wrong; not all the old people were gone, and neither was Rich, the professing homosexual (he ended up winning). True, the Christian was voted off, but it appeared to me that people were more concerned about his health than his views. I think that Mr. Veith missed the point-it's only a game, it's not about true survival. - Sarah Schmidt, Mankato, Minn.


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