A parent's right to choose

"A parent's right to choose" Continued...

Issue: "AIDS: Africa's affliction," Sept. 9, 2000

But the battle continues. Lawmakers in almost every state killed or let die legislation dealing with school choice. Charter-school administrators in California report an increase in union organizing on their campuses. Nearly 4,000 children attending private school under the embattled Cleveland Scholarship Program are secure in doing so only until a U.S. Court of Appeals hands down a final ruling on the program's constitutionality. The U.S. Supreme Court last year declined to review decisions by the Vermont and Maine Supreme Courts to exclude religious schools from state programs that help fund private education.

The Supreme Court is likely to decide the constitutionality of school choice-and since the next president will decide who fills vacancies on the high court and lower federal courts as well, the 2000 election may influence the shape of American education for decades to come.


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