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Issue: "Supreme arrogance," July 8, 2000

Like Elián

Thank you for telling me about Elián Gonzalez ("No hearing for Elián," June 10). I pray that God will turn his father's heart to his son and Jesus. I am 6 years old, like Elián. - Kyle Hunt, Chesapeake, Va.

NRA rhetoric

I believe your May 27 article regarding gun control had more to do with NRA rhetoric than Scripture. Please explain to me how background checks, licenses, and locks to discourage unauthorized use of guns have anything to do with the Second Amendment. - Glenn P. Verbrugge, Cadillac, Mich.

Sweet music

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We canceled our subscription to Newsweek because we just couldn't take anymore of the liberal slant, entertainment-driven coverage, and inappropriate pictures. The last straw was the cover story on gays in America, a shameless promotion of the gay agenda. Some friends told us about your Christian, conservative approach to the news, and it was sweet music in my ears. I want to encourage you to keep up the excellent work, especially the stories that other newsmagazines would never run, like the Clintons and Gores at the pro-life eulogy for Cardinal O'Connor ("Off-key applause," May 27). The Sudan coverage was excellent, and made a very difficult situation understandable and real. - Mike Buwalda, Grand Rapids, Mich.

Sending to Scripture

I enjoy WORLD. While I don't always agree with everything 100 percent, I love the way it challenges me and often sends me to Scripture. - Reggie Gardner, Goose Creek, S.C.


Your magazine caters not so much to Christian morality as the Republican Party line. How can you advocate for keeping Elián Gonzalez away from his father and say that you support family values? How can you side with the NRA against sensible gun control ("The tales of tears," May 27)? I am sadly disappointed in what you call a "Christian" magazine and will not renew. - Rev. Miriam Nicholson, New Bloomfield, Pa.

Down with Disney

I was disappointed with your article on Disney World ("Child's play," June 3). Disney is pro-gay and makes ungodly movies. I believe it is every Christian's responsibility to boycott Disney. - Andrew Keller, 13, Galion, Ohio

Church of Disney

I cannot believe WORLD saw fit to publish anything that recommends a trip to Disney's temples to self, silliness, and softsoap as a duty parents owe to their children. - April King, Cambridge, England

Key review

Marvin Olasky's commentary on The Gladiator contained the key I needed to unlock what was bothering me about the movie after I had seen and discussed it with two agnostic friends ("Era of the gladiator?" May 27). - John Wiester, Buellton, Calif.

Statism not Stoicism

At least part of the reason for The Gladiator's popularity in our virtue-starved society is its portrayal of manly courage and heroism. But, rather than Stoicism, I believe the film primarily extols the empty virtues of statism. In the end, what Marcus Aurelius wanted, and what Maximus really died for, was the return of senatorial power and the Roman republic. - Charles H. Roberts, Ballston Spa, N.Y.

HGP delivers

Eight years ago, I would have whole-heartedly agreed with your concerns about the potential dangers of the Human Genome Project ("Uncracking the code," April 29). Having a child born with velocardiofacial syndrome changed that. This condition, caused by a "microdeletion" on the 22nd chromosome, often results in heart and immune system problems, a cleft palate, and a learning disorder. In my daughter, now 7, it produced weak pharangeal muscles (eating was exercise for her) so that she had to be tube-fed until age 4 and still relies on supplemental formula. This syndrome was only named in the last 20 years. Without the Human Genome Project, many doctors and parents would still be in a morass of confusion due to the difficulty in diagnosing this disease. The health and educational challenges are extremely frustrating when you don't know the origins of the problems. - Monique Stam, Oskaloosa, Iowa


The special issue of WORLD on "Marriage and the Family" (May 20) was excellent work. This is yet another issue on which I have written "save" boldly across the cover. - Joe LoGiudice, Lakewood, Calif.

Into the no-go

Thank you to Mindy Belz for her extensive and disturbing coverage on Sudan ("Blue Nile blackout," June 10). She risked her life to report what the Sudanese government would prefer that we not know. The Christians there have gone through more than we can possibly imagine in our comfortable, stateside faith. Their resilience, courage, strength, and faithfulness in the midst of such intense and horrifying persecution are an amazing testimony to the Lord that should drive us to prayer on their behalf. As is often the case, the UN's contribution is to make things worse instead of better, and I am continually mystified at our country's ongoing commitment to such an organization. I also praise the organizations that defy the "no-go" zone and bring what relief they can. - Linda Valentine, Aurora, Ill.


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