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Issue: "The Sudan crisis," June 10, 2000

Slow destruction

I commend Mr. Veith for highlighting the slow destruction of biblical worship ("A god in their own image," May 6). Syncretism is more serious than most people realize, as those filling the church buildings continue to bring the world with them in worship. - Charles A. Bennett, Akron, Ohio

Cheap shot

I was disappointed that you ruined an otherwise excellent article with a cheap shot at "Openness of God" theologians. I am one. The Openness position depicts God as living and breathing with His children in real time in an intimate way. In my opinion, the typical evangelical lives in happy inconsistency. They act as if God is leading and listening to them on a daily basis but then assert that we are all only playing out a predetermined tape. - Phil Opperman, Reedley, Calif.

Atheism uncovered

"A reluctant bride" (May 6) stated that retired Episcopal Bishop John Spong's book proposing a new reformation "jettisoned theism" and "divinity." That sounds like a reasonable definition of atheism. No wonder the Episcopal Church has lost more than a third of its members since the late 1960s. If there are others in Episcopal leadership who hold those views, it is a wonder there are any members left. - Richard E. Wells, Olathe, Kan.


Thank you for an informative article on the moral decay in Europe ("Doing without marriage," April 29). I didn't know it was quite that bad, and that feminists are trying to convince women that they have no need for men. I'm 18 and scared about the direction this generation is headed. - Katharine L. Kochis, Richwood, Ohio

For the children?

Thank you for your story on the virulent protests of the homosexual community against Dr. Laura Schlessinger ("Taking static," April 8). Your story included a photograph of a homosexual protester carrying a poster with "save the innocence" above a picture of a child. Liberals always pretend to be protecting children in promoting their socialist agenda. Whether it is Hillary Clinton pushing socialized medicine, Bill Clinton blaming the NRA and millions of law-abiding gun owners for the criminal behavior of a few miscreants, or homosexual activists externalizing their inner guilt on Dr. Laura, they always claim it's for the children. - Steven Costello, Lake Jackson, Texas


Thank you for producing a magazine that makes me think. I may not always agree with your analysis, but you cause me to examine timely issues from a fresh perspective. - Rick Barry, Bristol, Ind.

Strung out

Regarding Secretary of the Navy Richard Danzig's comments that society "hasn't reached a consensus" on gay rights and that "the military itself shouldn't be a driver of that, but a follower": In today's political arena the military is simply a puppet serving the consensus of politicians (Quotables, May 6). - Richard Webster, Yuma, Ariz.


In the Netherlands and Japan, prime ministers are heads of government, not heads of state (April 29, pp. 25, 26). - ,


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