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Issue: "The Sudan crisis," June 10, 2000


As a former Nebraska resident I am proud that the state passed a ban on partial-birth abortion ("Dividing line," May 6). Yet it's frustrating when the legislation is passed and then someone tries to get rid of it. I wonder if those who are opposed to the ban really understand what goes on in a partial-birth abortion. How can anyone say it's not infanticide when most of a baby's body is brought out of the womb and then the brains are sucked out of his or her head? I pray that the U.S. Supreme Court does the right thing and declares Nebraska's ban constitutional. - Aaron Witt, Maplewood, Mo.

God hears

Thank you for the updates on the fight against abortion. Although it is disheartening and sometimes disgusting to read about partial-birth abortion and fetal-tissue research, Christians should stay informed. We must join the fight by writing letters to our congressmen, volunteering at crisis pregnancy centers, and, most of all, doing battle on our knees. No matter how many bills banning partial-birth abortion are vetoed, God still answers prayer. - Erin Clipner, Centerburg, Ohio


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I was interested to see what you would say about the most intense three days of my life-the Operation Rescue-led prayer on the Supreme Court steps April 23-25. It never occurred to me that my arrest would be mentioned, one of 22 that day. My husband never wanted me to be involved in Operation Rescue because he feared for my safety. He went to heaven a year and a half ago. As I was being arrested, I wondered if he knew what I was up to. - Mrs. Edith Manchester, Santa Cruz, Calif.

Hard to read

My heart was broken by "Please forgive me!" (May 6). Thank you for printing this "hard to read" information. Because of it, God has called me to prayer and action like never before. - Julie Koine, Edmond, Okla.


As a police officer for the past 25 years, I have seen more terrible things than I can remember. But this jaded Christian cop could not finish reading about partial-birth abortions. That form of murder is so wicked, I cannot imagine what kind of a person can do the procedure. - Harry Swofford, Oregon City, Oregon


I cannot believe that sending agents in with guns raised to take Elián Gonzalez was in anyone's best interest ("Reno's raiders," May 6). I am not arguing with reuniting Elián with his father, but I am outraged at the method. - Charlie Wetmore III, Beaufort, S.C.

1984 in Miami

When I saw the now-famous photograph of Elián Gonzalez held at machine gun point by U.S. law enforcement, I could only think of one word: "Orwelián." - Joel Sage, Garland, Texas

Memorable holiday

The Clinton administration wouldn't take military action against an area that is mainly Islamic, Kosovo, during the season of Ramadan because they didn't want to offend Muslims, yet they had no problem attacking the home of a Christian American family on American soil on Easter weekend. I will remember this on Nov. 7. - Cecelia Levatino, Rensselaer, N.Y.

Rule of hypocrisy

The hypocrisy of the Clinton administration and its apologists continues to amaze and sicken me. They rationalized Elián's abduction by citing the "rule of law," but why doesn't it apply at all times? What about illegal campaign contributions, the transfer of sensitive documentation on nuclear weaponry to China, and perjury by the president, to name a few? Will we, the American people, finally do something about it? - Bob Michael, Spring, Texas


I consider WORLD a very worthwhile publication, but in the May 6 issue I find the coverage of the Elián Gonzalez issue to be very biased. That a picture showed a gun pointed where it should not have been pointed does not settle the issue. The issue is that Elián has a father who has rightful claims upon his son. - Arie W. Blok, Holland, Mich.


I am thoroughly disgusted at our government's response to the Elián Gonzalez matter. However, I'm even more saddened at the gullibility of the American people. They only see a father asking for his son back. They don't see a communist dictator bringing back an innocent boy who escaped his clutches, and who is also testing the strength of the American government. If Elián is returned to Cuba, he will be out of freedom's reach, unless God provides a way. - Ian Walter, 14, Worland, Wyo.

An outrageous call

Cal Thomas's piece on the spate of un-enacted taxes levied by the FCC hit a particularly sore nerve ("Uncle Sam's collect call," May 6). I do not believe that there is any innate right to either telephone service or Internet access. This is an outrageous usurpation of the legislative responsibility of Congress. - Charles Talbot, Plymouth, Mich.


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