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Issue: "Back to no future," April 22, 2000

Tell it like it is

Forced prostitution overwhelms me with a sadness mixed with rage ("No sale," March 25). It is good for you to raise our awareness of these tragedies. I am disconcerted, however, by the language you used to explain the plight of the two abducted women featured in the article. You say they were "serving at least 30 clients a day." I find that phrase to be offensively watered-down for such a serious matter. Please be more accurate next time and say something like, "they were raped 30 times a day." - Brian Stewart, Shoreline, Wash.

Tragic reality

Thanks for the cover article on the slave trade of women. It is tragic how many women live as virtual slaves. - Lewis Codington, Sheffield, England

Spare me

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"No sale" went over the line. Hollywood offends my sensibilities enough without having to see photographs of abused women and detailed descriptions of the horrendous atrocities they endure in a Christian news magazine. - Jennifer S. Preston, Douglasville, Ga.

No more

I disagree with Joel Belz's assessment of Howard Phillips and the Constitution Party ("In an ideal world," March 25). Mr. Phillips's commitment to act on principle, rather than pragmatics, is a breath of fresh air in the pathetic poll-watching politics of our day. For years I've been told that I'm wasting my vote. I say that I've wasted my vote on do-nothing candidates for years. No more. I am voting for a principled man; the results belong to God. - Steven Warhurst, Huntington, W.V.

Under the delusion

I was relieved to see you mention a presidential candidate other than the Republican and Democrat offerings. I was dismayed, however, that Joel Belz is under the delusion that those two are the only game in town. WORLD and other organizations that could actually help change our course of government (instead giving in to the status quo) do us a disservice by covering the "anointed" candidates that are likely to win, instead of endorsing early the candidates who should win. - Deborah A. Mackall, Pasadena, Md.

No siphoning

I object to Mr. Belz's assumption that, as a supporter of Howard Phillips, my vote is being siphoned off from another candidate. If George W. Bush and Al Gore were the only two choices, I wouldn't vote. - Tammy Alger, Carthage, Mo.

The Keyes to victory

I believe Chris Cox, John Kasich, or Rick Santorum would make excellent vice presidents, but my main man, Alan Keyes, was not even mentioned in Mr. Olasky's column ("Looking for No. 2," March 25). With his pro-family, pro-America, pro-Constitution eloquence, Mr. Keyes would quench all the fiery darts launched from the Gore camp and protect George W.'s back (and maybe stiffen it a tad). Moreover, when he finishes a speech, you won't hear anyone commenting that there is no real difference between the parties. - Len Berube, Ozark, Ala.

Pro-life baggage

I hate to burst your bubble, but now that he has the Republican nomination locked up, Mr. Bush no longer has any need of the Religious Right. I don't believe that he will pick a pro-life veep because his advisers will say that he cannot win with the Christian conservative baggage that would accompany such a pick. Pat Buchanan is the only presidential candidate that has sworn to appoint only Supreme Court judges committed to overturning Roe vs. Wade. Whether conventional wisdom tells us that he can win or not is irrelevant. - Michael Rampy, Fort Worth, Texas

Santa Claus, the networks .

In "God, the networks, and Bob" (March 25), Mr. Veith shows how the name of the Lord is being trivialized by NBC and the culture at large. Incredibly, leading publishers of curricula for Christian youth also make common the name of the Lord. We have seen God described as "The cosmic Santa Claus" and "a rock 'n' roll party dude." We believe that God is also demeaned with slogans such as "God is like Coke ... He's the real thing." - Audren McKeever, Cathy Mickels

A pattern?

It appears that if you are poor or a professing Christian you have little say in what happens to your tax dollars. As I read about how a judge denied 53 Pensacola children vouchers to attend a private school, it reminded me of how the National Endowment for the Arts provides money to promote artwork that many people find extremely offensive ("Choice survives," March 25). - Susan Worley, Ithaca, Mich.

Take a pill

You did a disservice to many people struggling with depression in this country ("Prozac eclipsed," March 25). It is not a matter of expecting medicine to solve personal problems. Antidepressants such as Prozac and Zoloft help restore chemical imbalances in the brain so that people can function "normally." As a therapist, I know the difference these drugs make in the daily lives of those suffering from depression. - Patty Bertrand, Geneva, Ill.


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