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Issue: "Dr. Laura: Taking static," April 8, 2000

The real killer

President Clinton showed again how low he is willing to sink to advance his political agenda ("Murder in the 1st," March 11). In reaction to Kayla Rolland's murder, he called on Congress to close the gun-show loophole, restrict importation of large-capacity clips, and pass child safety lock legislation. But the gun used in Kayla's killing was stolen (not bought at a gun show), only one shot was fired, and criminals who steal weapons do not use child safety locks. Evidently, Mr. Clinton thinks that Americans are stupid enough to believe that gun-control legislation could prevent future shootings like this one. The killer in this case is parental negligence. His parents and uncle have some young and innocent blood on their hands. May God show mercy to the 6-year-old killer's terrible role models and to the politicians who attempt to exploit this tragedy. - Benny Southstreet, Roswell, Ga.

More math than morals

If this boy had murdered this young girl with a rock to the head or a pencil through the heart, would the tragedy be any less? Would we seek to blame the company that makes pencils? The fault lies with us as a church and a nation for not teaching right from wrong. We have worked more on our children knowing computers than having compassion, math more than morals. These things are not being taught in our homes, or our schools, and one must wonder if they are still being taught in our churches. - Peter E. Masti, Ravena, N.Y.

Would Jesus pack iron?

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I was disheartened to read yet another article that sidesteps America's desperate need for stricter gun-control laws by blaming this death on "moral decay." Of course, moral decay is at the root of our gun-violence problem, just as it is at the root of our abortion problem. I don't think there is any less moral decay in Europe than in America, but at least they have the sense to pass legislation that makes the manifestation of that decay more difficult. Would Jesus carry a gun or speak out against them? - Beth Pennings, Moorhead, Minn.

Underestimating good

I was disappointed that so much of your article on my husband, Bruce Davis, focused on what occurred 30 years ago ("Underestimating evil," March 11). Even though Bruce is serving time for his part in the crimes, he has been removed from the Manson family and joined to the family of God. His chaplains would be happy to attest to the wonderful work he's done in Jesus' name. So much more could have been said of what he has accomplished. - Beth Davis, Grover Beach, Calif.


"Underestimating evil" touched me more deeply than any article I have read in a long time. - Darren Chester, Shuqualak, Miss.


Regarding "Christian jazz?" (March 11): Why do you commend Dave Brubeck's music as "biblically informed, creative, and very cool" if it is shaped by a faith that overtly does not believe that Christ is the only way? - Katalin S. Korossy, Kensington, Md.

From the mouths of rappers

Thanks for "Rappers get religion" (March 11). It is always encouraging to be surprised by people glorifying God-especially those from whom you wouldn't expect God-honoring words. Rap music is usually recognized as being quite pagan, and rightfully so. If Puffy Combs is truly on the road to change, it will be interesting to see how this will be played out in his music and in his relationship with Jennifer Lopez. - Bethany Unger, Vancouver, Wash.

Stand behind

Thank you for the follow-up article on Hannah Hawkins ("The clean-up person," March 11). I admire her commitment to God and would love to see the churches of America stand behind her in prayer and funding. - Bobby Hart, Nineveh, N.Y.


I'm a little disenchanted with the way that WORLD seems to be fawning over novelist John Grisham ("Southern Baptist scribe," March 11), especially when I read dismissive statements like "while Mr. Grisham's liberal-leaning lectures and occasional bad language may grate at some readers...." - John Fraser, Kalamazoo, Mich.

No apologies

You're worried about "Impropriety?" (March 11); I say hog wash. We all take sides. By your mission statement and biblical worldview, your lenses are colored. Let Mr. Safire rail, I say, and make no apologies to the liberal media. - Randall S. Brunt, Moreno Valley, Calif.

No amputations

Please, Mr. Olasky, cut off neither your right nor your left leg. I, for one, am thrilled to know that you have the ear of George W. Bush regarding welfare policy, and even your temporary absence from WORLD would be painful. There's no reason you shouldn't weather the sputterings of The New York Times with grace and integrity. - Sue C. Wheeler, Lansing, Mich.


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