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Issue: "The McCain craze," Feb. 19, 2000

A picture's worth

Seeing my son moving around, kicking his legs, and waving his arms in his mother's womb was a shock that I have never gotten over, and I hope I never do. What had been an intellectual commitment against abortion became a powerful passion, all because of that stunningly sharp, live, ultrasound picture of my little boy ("Baby pictures," Jan. 22). No wonder abortion-rights advocates are terrified that someone would see their unborn child. Once they do, that "blob of cells" becomes a real, living child. Every instinct implanted in a human being by God cries out, "Protect this child." The ultrasound machine provides a sense of reality stronger than the rhetoric of the pro-abortion forces, and even stronger than the most eloquent abortion opponent. A picture is worth a thousand words. - Paul T. McCain, St. Louis, Mo.

Life-saving taxes?

There would be more than enough money to buy a high-quality ultrasound machine at crisis pregnancy centers around the country, and cover the expenses to run and support them, if our taxes were redirected from Planned Parenthood to CPCs dedicated to preserving, not destroying, babies' lives. - Art Bergquist, San Marcos, Calif.

Nice but greedy

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I appreciate your vigilance in your annual observance of Roe vs. Wade. Your latest issue was yet another excellent job. One of the cultural Left's primary tools is to attack the "Culture of Greed." It strikes me that the ultimate sacrifice at the altar of greed is an aborted fetus. "Every Child a Wanted Child" is a nice slogan but a greedy one, the same as saying, "Don't make me interfere with my lifestyle, even though this pregnancy is my responsibility." - Marc Johnson, Pueblo, Colo.

It's a baby

I was sitting on my couch reading the Jan. 22 WORLD with its "Roe vs. Wade 2000" cover, while my 13-month-old daughter played in the magazine basket where we keep our back issues of WORLD. She pulled one out and held it in a bear hug, squealing in delight, "Daddy, baby!" The magazine was from Oct. 23, 1999, which featured an unborn child on the cover. Not only is my daughter's first sentence pro-life, but it demonstrates a basic knowledge so few in America today seem willing to acknowledge-it's a precious baby. Perhaps her generation will make better choices than those of her parents and grandparents. - Michael Quinn Sullivan, Alexandria, Va.

Deep purity

Your articles on abstinence ("Freedom from fear," "You oughta know," Jan. 22) reminded me how even Christians are only scratching the surface in regard to purity by promoting abstinence. Purity is not only physical, it's emotional. Young adults on their wedding day should be able to give their spouse not only a pure body, but more importantly, a whole heart. - Adriana Fry, 17, Collinsville, Okla.

Wombs and wallets

I was quite dismayed to read in "Freedom from fear" that the proponents of "safe sex" and "freedom of choice" are trying to conceal the ineffectiveness of condoms in preventing the spread of HPV. After reading this article, I realized why the battle over abortion must be fought bitterly: We pro-lifers fight for the occupants of wombs; they fight for the contents of their wallets, and both are too dear to be abandoned. - Hugh Henry, Dahlonega, Ga.

Real horror

I was mystified at the willful blindness of Ron Fitzsimmons, director of the National Coalition of Abortion Providers, as he bemoaned "hearing of a lot of horror stories of women going into facilities [Crisis Pregnancy Centers] and being forced to watch videos" of abortions taking place. It is appalling that his "horror" was aimed at women having to watch a loathsome procedure for which he so vehemently lobbies. - Courtney Dunkerton, Efland, N.C.


In "Roe vs. Wade 2000" (Jan. 22), you described "the pro-life movement, which a decade ago was alienating millions by trying to outchant and outmuscle the other side." I would offer another perspective. A decade ago my involvement with Operation Rescue brought me to repentance, led me to the Lord, and started my active involvement in ministering to women, men, and unborn babies facing a crisis pregnancy. Soon to follow were my husband, my son, and several of my in-laws. Since then we have given money, taken women into our home, and adopted six children. Your comments unfairly characterized my actions. - Linda Murray, Sunland, Calif.

True freedom

My wife and I did not know Jesus when we were younger, and we had this so-called choice to make when we were 19. Thank the Lord we did not do away with our firstborn. Praise God for those in Lancaster, Pa., who demonstrate that true freedom rests in choices that give blessing, not choices that lead to destruction ("Not in our backyard," Jan. 22). - Tim Dolan, Vancouver, Wash.


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