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Issue: "Roe vs. Wade 2000," Jan. 22, 2000

Too kind

You were far too charitable in titling your article about some athletes "Major-league brats" (Dec. 18). It should have read, "Major-league thugs." - Stephen B. Ford, Harleysville, Pa.

Never trust 'em

I have a personal letter from former Hillsdale College president George Roche III framed on the wall of my family room. In it he gives an approving response to some letters-to-the-editor I wrote and forwarded to him. Sadly, that letter will come down, soon to be retired to a file drawer. This apparent affair ("Tales of the heart," Dec. 11) once again proves-as Mr. Jefferson cautioned-that one must never have confidence in men. It will ever be thus, despite the protestations of utopians on both ends of the political spectrum. - Dick Bachert, Norcross, Ga.

Light the darkness

The letters in WORLD that release cascades of "tsk, tsk's" and charges of immorality for touching on "some filthy television show, or ... R-rated Hollywood movies" bring to mind words from that staunch titan of journalism, G. K. Chesterton: "There are two ways of renouncing the devil, and the difference is perhaps the deepest chasm in modern religion. One is to have a horror of him because he is so far off; and the other is to have it because he is so near.... You may think a crime horrible because you could never commit it. I think it horrible because I could commit it." Remember we serve the Lord whose companions were sinners, adulterers, and the demon-possessed. The idea is not to blockade oneself from the wickedness of "the world," but to crash right into the fray with an abandonment to the power of God and love even for those who are our most bitter foes. The one who feels he must retreat from the world's influence is the one who has been defeated. How are we to be lights in the darkness if we shrink at the sight if it? - Jeremy J. Downey, Dayton, Ohio

Classic tales?

I own, and have played through, almost every Final Fantasy game ever published, and must beg to differ on your comments about the series ("This is no final fantasy," Dec. 18). You say that today's popular hits will only be tomorrow's silly nostalgia, but this game has been around for at least 12 years. And while Final Fantasy VIII may be more vapid than past installments, some of the earlier episodes were classic tales of love, sacrifice, and friendship rarely seen in any kind of fiction. The characters were even willing to give up their lives for someone else, and how often do we see that? - Anthony Larrea, Miami, Fla.

Cartoons first, naturally

Not only do I love your magazine, but my teenage daughter has taken to it as well. It is a wonderful source for teaching about worldviews. She does go to the movie reviews and the cartoons first, but eventually she reads most of the material. I like it because we get to discuss the different articles in the magazine. Keep up the good work. - Bruce Martin, Knoxville, Tenn.

A man a mistake ...

"A man a plan a canal Panama" (Dec. 25/Jan. 1) is more than an anagram. It is one of the most famous palindromes-it reads the same forwards and backwards. It's in a class with another famous palindrome that supposedly quotes Napoleon: "Able was I ere I saw Elba," and Adam's first words to Eve: "Madam, I'm Adam." - Joseph A. Springer, Miami Lakes, Fla.

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