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The century's top 100 books

"The century's top 100 books" Continued...

Issue: "Top 100 Books 1999," Dec. 4, 1999

Naguib Mahfouz - Palace Walk (1956)
Evocative and provocative novel about a Muslim family in Cairo during the early 1900s. Buy it today!

Thomas Mann - Doctor Faustus (1948)
This difficult but profound German novelist wrestled with the cultural and philosophical demons that led to the ascension of Hitler. Buy it today!

Josh McDowell - Evidence that Demands a Verdict (1979)
This compilation of arguments for the truth of Christianity has played a role in thousands of conversions. Buy it today!

Gilbert Meilander - Bioethics: A Primer for Christians (1996)
A useful pro-life manual for dealing with the new ethical questions raised by reproductive technology and genetic engineering. Buy it today!

J. T. Mueller - Christian Dogmatics (1955)
A summation of systematic theology, from a Lutheran perspective, drawn straight from the Bible.

Malcolm Muggeridge - Jesus Rediscovered (1969)
A witty but cynical journalist becomes a Christian.

NIV Bible (1978)
The New International Version is a readable and non-ideological translation of Scripture that became an evangelical favorite.

Flannery O'Connor - Buy it today!
The Violent Bear It Away (1960)
She pushed to shocking extremes the conflict between sin and grace.

Thomas Oden - After Modernity, What? (1990)
Go back to pre-modernity, that's what. A once-liberal theologian outlines his pilgrimage back to the historical faith, analyzing the collapse of "modern thought" and giving his own way of being postmodern. Buy it today!

George Orwell - 1984 (1944)
The novel that alerted our imaginations to the encroachment of totalitarianism. Buy it today!

J. I. Packer - Knowing God (1973)
A wise book that has helped thousands to understand what it means to know God, through the revelation of His Word. Buy it today!

Walker Percy - Lost in the Cosmos (1983)
This combination of short stories, theoretical essays, and a mock self-help quiz is both an offbeat Christian apologetic and a devastating satire of America's real religion, pop psychology. Buy it today!

John Piper - The Pleasures of God (1992)
One of many excellent books by one of today's accessible but profound theological writers. Buy it today!

Richard Pipes - The Russian Revolution (1995)
Scholarly but readable account of Lenin's takeover. Buy it today!

Irina Ratushinskaya - Grey Is the Color of Hope (1988)
Wrenching and inspiring poetry from a Christian woman imprisoned for her faith in a Communist gulag. Buy it today!

Hans Rookmaaker - Modern Art and the Death of a Culture (1970)
This friend of Francis Schaeffer showed evangelicals how to read art as a manifestation of the worldview of the artist and his times. Buy it today!

Dorothy Sayers - The Mind of the Maker (1941)
Dorothy Sayers was an imaginative writer and a scholar who showed how human creativity has its origins in nothing less than the Triune God. Buy it today!

Edith Schaeffer - The Art of Life (1987)
The wife of Francis Schaeffer offers wisdom for living ordinary life--in the home, the family, and the day-to-day routine-in a beautiful, God-honoring way. Buy it today!

Francis Schaeffer - The God Who Is There (1968)
Schaeffer taught evangelicals to become engaged with culture, art, and the world of ideas. Buy it today!

Herbert Schlossberg - Idols for Destruction (1983)
Overarching critique of American life that touched all the bases. Buy it today!

Michael Shaara - Killer Angels (1974)
A pioneering historical novel, taking us inside the contestants at the Battle of Gettysburg. Buy it today!

William Shirer - The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich (1960)
A history of the major cultural cataclysm of the century, to be studied lest it happen again. Buy it today!

James W. Sire - The Universe Next Door (1976)
A classic explanation of the Christian worldview and its competitors. Buy it today!

Alexander Solzhenitsyn - The Gulag Archipelago (1974)
Solzhenitsyn documented and described the evils of communism in a powerful and evocative style. Buy Vol. I today! - Buy Vol. II today! - Buy Vol. III today!

Thomas Sowell - Race and Culture (1994)
A black conservative takes on liberal assumptions. Buy it today!

R. C. Sproul - The Holiness of God (1985)
An unforgettable treatment of a quality of God that has been in the 20th century too often ignored. Buy it today!

John Steinbeck - The Grapes of Wrath (1939)
Yes, it comes out of Depression-era socialism, but its portrayal of poor but noble Okies is remarkable, and the way it uses biblical symbolism in a realistic narrative stands the test of time. Buy it today!

Shelby Steele - A Dream Deferred (1998)
A black intellectual on how affirmative action impedes racial progress. Buy it today!


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