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The century's top 100 books

"The century's top 100 books" Continued...

Issue: "Top 100 Books 1999," Dec. 4, 1999

Sinclair Ferguson - Christian Life (1996)
A well-written introduction for new believers. Buy it today!

F. Scott Fitzgerald - The Great Gatsby (1922)
A great American novel on the emptiness of wealth and status. Buy it today!

Shelby Foote - The Civil War (1958, 1963, 1974)
The American Iliad, in three volumes. Buy it today!

Anne Frank - The Diary of A Young Girl (1953)
The magnitude of human sin expends itself against ordinary, sympathetic human beings, as this diary of a child hiding from the Nazis shows. Buy it today!

Milton Friedman - Capitalism and Freedom (1962)
A free-market economist when capitalism wasn't cool, Friedman did the Nobel-prize-winning scholarship, the governmental consulting in Third World nations, and the mass popular education that helped to lay socialism and Keynesian liberal economics to rest. Buy it today!

Robert Frost - The Collected Poems (1930)
For all of the century's poetic experimentalism, Frost's poetry, with its thoughtful meditations and traditional forms, stands up the best.

The Fundamentals (1909-1915)
Those who consider "fundamentalism" a synonym for narrow anti-intellectualism have never read this series of monographs by various authors who battled liberal theological modernism.

George Gilder - Wealth and Poverty (1981)
Readable economics book promoting the idea that capitalism is based on serving others, not greed. Buy it today!

Jose Gironella - The Cypresses Believe in God (1958)
Moving account of one family in the years preceding the Spanish civil war. Buy it today!

William Golding - Lord of the Flies (1955)
This tale of schoolboys shipwrecked on a desert island, and how, without adult supervision, they revert to primitive violence is a good answer to those who do not believe in original sin. Buy it today!

Graham Greene - The Power and the Glory (1940)
The melancholy Catholic novelist wrote a masterpiece about a priest hunted down by anti-Christian socialists during the Mexican revolution. v

F. A. Hayek - The Road to Serfdom (1944)
Hayek showed how personal and political freedom is tied up with economic freedom. Buy it today!

Carl F. H. Henry - God, Revelation, and Authority (1976-1983)
A magisterial systematic theology for evangelicals. Buy it today!

Michael Horton - In The Face of God (1997)
Unveiling the gnosticism--the heresy that objectivity doesn't matter, that religion is just a matter of what is inside my head, and that we can have a direct relationship with God without a mediator-that is implicit in much of American religion and religiosity. Buy it today!

Aldous Huxley - Brave New World (1932)
This novel predicted virtual reality, hallucinogenic drugs, entertainment-mad hedonism, and genetic engineering. Buy it today!

Paul Johnson - Modern Times (1983)
Those who have taken conventional survey courses should read this history of the 20th century that punctures many of the standard myths. Buy it today!

Phillip Johnson - Darwin on Trial (1991)
A Berkeley law professor demonstrates the weakness of the evolutionists' case. Buy it today!

William Kirk Kilpatrick - Psychological Seduction (1983)
A Christian educational psychologist skewers the way pop psychology has insinuated itself into nearly every other field, including Christianity. Buy it today!

Russell Kirk - The Conservative Mind (1953)
The godfather of cultural conservatism, Kirk inspired the revival of conservative thought in America. Buy it today!

Adolf Koeberle - The Quest for Holiness (1936)
He explored how sanctification and good works grow out of a rigorous understanding of justification by faith.

Arthur Koestler - Darkness at Noon (1940)
A novel about the Stalinist show trials that exposed the lies of Communism to many who once accepted them as gospel truth. Buy it today!

Thomas Kuhn - The Structure of Scientific Revolution (1962)
Kuhn showed why Christians do not have to fear science anymore: It keeps changing. Buy it today!

Primo Levi - Survival in Auschwitz (1959)
Gripping account of concentration camp life. Buy it today!

C. S. Lewis - Mere Christianity (1943)
Modernists did not realize that Christianity made so much sense or was so exhilarating until they read Lewis, the century's foremost defender of the faith. Buy it today!

Harold Lindsell - Battle for the Bible (1976)
This book arrested the slide of evangelicals toward a liberal view of the Bible, establishing instead the doctrine of the inerrancy of Scripture. Buy it today!

D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones - Spiritual Depression (1965)
A master preacher and evangelist, Lloyd-Jones here writes about why there are so many joyless Christians. Answer: We do not fully understand the grace of God. Buy it today!

John Gresham Machen - Christianity and Liberalism (1923)
This Princeton professor and Westminster Seminary founder showed that liberal theology actually constitutes a new, non-Christian religion. Buy it today!


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