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Issue: "Forbes," Nov. 20, 1999

Only God

Thanks for Lynn Vincent's article, "The harvest of abortion" (Oct. 23). I, for one, truly appreciate your Christian muckraking. This article is Christian journalism at its finest. As much as we need to protest abortion and pass laws restricting it, those things are ultimately futile unless we pray. May God use this information to shock His people about the depravity of the human heart and our need to pray for an end to the practice of abortion. Only God can change the hard hearts of those who abort babies and coolly dissect their bodies for profit. Only God can change the hearts of the politicians who pass laws permitting these things. Only God can bring an end to this horrific practice. - Dave Sarafolean, Midland, Mich.


I am sick after reading "The harvest of abortion," not only because this is happening but because people who call themselves Christians are profiting from such a terrible tragedy. As my family discussed this article, my 13-year-old daughter said, "The Bardsley children must be ashamed of their parents." I read her the rationalization, that it's making the best of a bad situation, and started to say, "It's like telling your children that stealing is wrong ..." and she finished for me by saying, "and then you profit from what someone else has stolen." - Jane L. McAtee, Charlotte, Mich.

More than voting Republican

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I was not surprised that "embryonic cadavers" (a.k.a. babies) were being used for medical research, but I literally became nauseated as I read "The harvest of abortion." I look into the eyes of my 4-month-old daughter ($150 worth of research material) and fear the day she asks me what I was doing while living "orphans ... in their distress" were being chopped into pieces and then marketed by "Bible-reading Christians." Will my best answer be, "I voted Republican"? - Shaun LePage, Lewisville, Texas

Tiny and helpless

As I read, I almost started crying at what is being done to these tiny, helpless, innocent human beings. I'm ashamed and angry that so many of our nation's leaders, including our president, support the measures in favor of abortion and all it is linked with. God help us. - Marie Schumack, 16, Detroit, Mich.

Juvenile or cruel?

"On the eve of saints" (Oct. 23) comes very close to Catholic bashing. Ms. Seu's patronizing portrayal of her grandparents with their devotion to the Saints was juvenile at best and downright cruel at worst. - Robert H. Walsh, Eaton, Ohio

A feast

Andree Seu's articles always touch my heart and give me food for thought. "On the eve of saints" was a veritable feast. - Anne Frazer, Keystone Heights, Fla.

Proud to stay

As director of operations for Mr. Bauer's presidential campaign, I read your article ("Ex-staff sour on Bauer," Oct. 23) with considerable interest. It seems unfair to present primarily the views of disaffected and departed staff members. I stayed. I am proud that I did and consider it a privilege to lend my support to a great cause and a great man. The mental and physical demands of a presidential campaign are staggering, yet I have heard him only once raise his voice. He is the consummate professional and a gentleman. He is not perfect, but he is far better than his "friends" have portrayed him. - Joseph A. Dalfonzo, Springfield, Va.

Shouldn't be surprised

Thank you for your straightforward article about the red flags in the Bauer campaign. I, too, was saddened to hear how poorly the situation with Ms. McClard was handled. When a presidential candidate who is outspoken about his faith is confronted by various members of his staff about his behavior, he should not be surprised when they are disappointed and angered by his lack of attention to the matter. - Rebecca De Groot, Spencer, Iowa


I am overwhelmed at the meanness and sniping of the people who left Gary Bauer's campaign over this. The only thing he did wrong is to have accepted the services of such creeps in the first place. - Rose Kehoe, Zionsville, Ind.

If art were food

Thomas Kinkade is right when he says that contemporary art should bless, not alienate the viewer ("Escaping to a simpler world," Oct. 23). But as a believer and professional painter, I question his means. God warns against a nostalgic escape to "simpler times." Rather than offering escape to a make-believe past, art should reinvigorate us to press on toward our real and glorious future. If art were food, the church would be starving. In the past the church produced enduring works by artists like Rembrandt, Durer, and Vermeer. Sure, there is money to be made in the cotton-candy business, but how long will we be content to serve only fluff in Jesus' name? - David Slonim, Chesterfield, Ind.


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