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Issue: "More clay than Potter," Oct. 30, 1999

Not the last thing

Thank you for your thorough account of the shooting at Wedgwood Baptist Church ("This is for real," Oct. 2). My husband is a 1996 graduate of Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Fort Worth and we attended many events at Wedgwood. After the shooting, a seminary professor friend called and shared with us how he went to the church that night to help counsel and go with families to the morgue while they identified bodies. The reality of it began sinking in. When he told us some seminary students were killed, I was brought to tears. It is painfully tragic that our Christian brothers and sisters were killed and wounded, but Wedgwood will remain a shining light for Jesus. As Frederick Buechner said, "With God, the worst thing is never the last thing." - Lari Beckley, Deltona, Fla.

Truly tragic

It was truly tragic at Wedgwood Baptist. Relatives of very good friends of ours were present that night. We are so thankful they were not hurt. Thank you for your article. - Michelle Uptain, 13, Tahoka, Texas

Tragic, too

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The tragedy is not only this incident, but also the condition of our modern youth-group mentality. When people cannot distinguish between a massacre and a skit about the preciousness of life, how can we reach the lost in this world? - Nate Downey, Miranda, Calif.

No soul searching

Violent acts aimed at specific social groups regularly generate national soul searching in the press. But, in the Wedgwood case, no one in the news media will call for an examination of attitudes toward evangelical Christians. It is taken for granted that hating us is acceptable and reasonable. I don't expect widespread shooting of Christians, but these events illustrate again the media bias against Christians. - David C. Innes, Walker, Iowa

Thanks for the rebuke

Regarding an item in the No Comment Zone (Oct. 2), it should be noted that the DNC Black Caucus "rebuked" Mr. Bradley for wanting to include sexual orientation in the 1964 Civil Rights Act. This shows that liberal support for the militant gay agenda is not as widespread as some would think, and many in the black community don't like to equate their struggle for civil rights with the "gay" struggle. Christians should acknowledge this rebuke and give it our support. Our battle is not against those homosexuals struggling with their behavior but against the radical gay leadership that has declared war on traditional Christian values. - Igor Shpudejko, Mahwah, N.J.

O blessed hurricane

On Aug. 31 while eastern seaboard residents were preparing for Hurricane Dennis, I read Charles Spurgeon's quote: "O blessed hurricane that drives the soul to God and God alone." Later came the devastation of Hurricane Floyd ("Floyd's floods," Oct. 2). Some good could result from this as people turn to Christ through this disaster or reach out to their neighbors. - Julia L. Smail, Duncanville, Pa.

Voucher game

"It's really happening" (Oct. 2) raised another question about school vouchers. Private schools have always been able to permanently expel a child, enabling them to maintain discipline, whereas public schools have not. I pray that private schools fully understand the "rules" before they play the voucher game with the government. - Janice Gee, Media, Pa.

Even the classics

We do seem to have only one viewpoint presented on TV and radio ("Ministry of Culture, Inc.," Oct. 2). I listened to the Philadelphia classical radio station WFLN when I lived there and sometimes wondered if it had been named after the Algerian Communist revolutionary movement. While the music was often better than the standard rock 'n' roll, the message was the same. I remember many an afternoon riding home and listening to Taylor Grant's "Something to Say" editorial. It could have been named the "Liberal Perspective on Everything." Even more galling was that the music before his talk was invariably unsettling, and after he spoke soothing pieces aired. From gun control to abortion, even the classics were made to serve the monolithic liberal worldview. - David Paul, Stoughton, Wis.

Mutual admiration media

I really appreciated "Ministry of Culture, Inc." by Andree Seu. With these corporate mergers and the resulting conflicts of interest, soon we will have no choices at all and the media will resemble a mutual admiration society with truth and morality thrown out. - LeRoy Judd, Windhoek, Namibia


Mr. Thomas refers to CBS's Touched by an Angel as "uncompromising and uncompromised" ("One good thing," Oct. 2). I have much respect for Cal, but he must have missed the episode where a homosexual man, dying of AIDS, is on the verge of confessing to God that his lifestyle was sinful. The angel Andrew stops him and tells the man that he has no reason to ask forgiveness because God made him "that way." Angel is a good show, much better than most, but Ms. Williamson certainly compromised when she let Andrew's statements fly in the face of Scripture. - T.J. Martin, Pickerington, Ohio


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