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Issue: "The harvest of abortion," Oct. 23, 1999

The worst came later

I enjoy your magazine immensely and just read the piece on Hurricane Floyd ("God has been good to us," Sept. 25). God's mercy is indeed wonderful beyond description. However, the flooding in the aftermath has given eastern North Carolina the worst disaster in the area in 700 years. There is incredible suffering and the worst may be yet to come in the form of disease. - Dub Karriker, Durham, N.C.

Uncommon sense

J. Budziszewski may be on to something when he writes that "Badly timed higher education" is a reason universities are "havens for crackpot ideologies" ("Common sense," Sept. 25). The school I served as a house parent hired three Ph.D.s who never forgot their lofty educational attainments and were not even remotely interested in hearing from those with many years of experience working with young people. We could have spared both them and the students a great deal of pain had they been willing to listen to common sense. - Fred Battles, Felton, Pa.

Hey, GOP

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I urge Mr. Thomas to think twice about encouraging Pat Buchanan and other Republicans to stay put ("Don't do it, Pat," Sept. 25). The Republican Party simply must be taught that it needs social conservatives and that we are not to be taken for granted. If I vote for a third-party candidate and thereby help a liberal Democrat defeat a Republican who does not hold to my values, then next election maybe the Republicans will pay a little closer attention and put up a candidate I can vote for. - Kerry Dougan, Valparaiso, Ind.

Blind ambition

Pat Buchanan's consideration of a third-party run tells us more about him than all his past presidential aspirations ever could. His blind ambition could wreak havoc on a Republican run in 2000, resulting in further liberal entrenchment in our judicial system. He obviously does not have a broad enough appeal with our party to carry its standard. Let's hope his wounded pride doesn't try to sink it. - Margaret Hudson, Winchester, Va.

To the trash heap

A party that did not require its candidates to support the effort to ban partial-birth abortion, which kow-towed to the minority Democrats during the investigation of the president's malfeasance, and is as guilty as the Democrats in squandering the taxpayers' money on frivolous pork-barrel projects deserves to be relegated to the trash heap of American politics. Sorry, Cal, I'm voting my conscience from now on. I'm sick and tired of being used and feeling dirty when I come out of the voting booth. - Jim Stair, Portland, Ore.

Russian spirits

"Russia's seven new spirits" (Sept. 25) was a spot-on editorial. My first trip to Moscow in 1992 with a parachurch ministry revealed the same vision to me. The "Strong Man" of totalitarian communism was routed and the nation was in a spiritual void, but unless the Holy Spirit filled that void, totalitarianism would return sevenfold. Having just returned from Russia, I now cringe to see the handwriting on the wall. Tragically, mass evangelism has done little to work the leaven of the gospel into Russian society. The planting of indigenous Russian evangelical churches is crucial in bringing the Reformation to this great nation, which has been bound in feudalism for 1,000 years. This investment will pay worthwhile dividends both now and for all eternity. - Kristian Mineau, North Reading, Mass.

You're welcome

I am a Regent University student studying journalism. I understand that you have given my class a free subscription. Thank you. Your magazine is a very enjoyable read and the stories are unlike any other Christian magazine. - Kristin Reeg, Virginia Beach, Va.

No way around it

Regarding "First for the Jew" (Sept. 25): The fact that many Jewish organizations are hostile to the mere idea of Christian evangelism is related to the identity crisis and insecurity of modern American secular Judaism. Its members don't know what they believe in and are affronted by the chutzpa of witnessing Christians. Although we need to be sensitive about Jewish cultural and historical concerns, no amount of sensitivity will overcome this hostility. Neither will it satisfy theological liberals who name the name of Christ but do not know the Jewish carpenter from Nazareth. The gospel is offensive. There is no way around it. - Jim Melnick, Falmouth, Va.

Wake up

Mr. Mohler's excellent commentary is one of the best statements regarding evangelism of the Jews that I have read. It is concise, appropriate, and should issue a wake-up call to our liberal brothers and sisters. - Victor R. Durrance, Beggs, Okla.


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