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Issue: "Wedgwood shooting," Oct. 2, 1999

Helpful intelligence

I appreciate almost everything in WORLD, but I am most grateful for the movie and video review pages, especially the ones starting on Aug. 28. Instead of only two or three reviews, now we get five or six. With two teenagers, thankfully with little time for movies, it is nice to have an "answer to everyone who asks you for a reason" why they cannot see a certain movie. It also helps me to be informed as I go into the video store, so that I do not walk out with something I later regret. - Wendy Christian, Melbourne Beach, Fla.

Vouchers a threat

In response to "We'll work things out" (Sept. 4), I agree that separation of church and state is an unconstitutional basis for opposing government-funded vouchers. However, I believe there are valid reasons to oppose student vouchers. Government money always comes with strings attached. In Wisconsin, private schools that admit voucher students are required by the state to accept children through a random selection process, which means that these schools cannot refuse students whose beliefs differ from their own. This is detrimental to religious schools. This kind of legislation is just the first step of government control of private schools. - Sarah Hall, Buena Park, Calif.

New every evening

I disagree with you about whether people are likely to make repeat visits to Planet Hollywood ("An idea falls out of orbit," Sept. 4). My family and I have been to the same Planet Hollywood restaurant in London several times and found something new and interesting to see each time. You can't see it all in one visit. - Sarah Ruff, 13, Burke, Va.

All there

We were in the United States during the Iowa straw poll. I looked in the papers and magazines for a list of all the candidates and how they did, but never could find more than a list of the top three or four. Now I am back in Mexico and received my Aug. 28 WORLD and there you have it-a comprehensive list of all the candidates and how many votes they received ("Draw straws"). Thank you for your thorough reporting. - Pat Bowser, Mitla, Oaxaca

Dead wrong

"The art of hype" (Aug. 28), regarding the Dalai Lama's recent American tour, says that his pitch is "inoffensive to anyone who isn't on the Communist Chinese payroll." Dead wrong. The Dalai's message ultimately declares Man to be God or a part of God. To imply that such a message is "inoffensive" is a disservice to your readers. - Robert H. Gates, Ironton, Mo.

Just checking

We, a family of six with children aged 10 to 17, all enjoy WORLD. Last night at the dinner table I announced that our subscription was about to expire and I asked whether I should renew it (just to see what they would say). They all looked horrified that I would even ask, and then the four kids gave a resounding, "Yes!" Thank you for your excellent work. - Mrs. Johh Rodkey, Goleta, Calif.

Prayerful attitude

I appreciated Barbara Curtis's "NIMBY" (Aug. 21) very much. I have grown tired of hearing about the evils of homosexuality. Perhaps if we would pray for and minister to the homosexuals around us, we would see true deliverance through the merciful work of Christ. - Steve Bittner, Corvallis, Ore.


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