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Issue: "Wedgwood shooting," Oct. 2, 1999

Grateful for Google

Thank you for writing about ("Search for a search engine," Aug. 7). It is a great search engine that has saved me a great deal of time and frustration trying to locate information on the Web. - Carla Bowser, Anderson, Ind.

Under the guise

Regarding "Who's the seeker?" (July 17), I wonder if we sometimes spend time discussing modes of worship under the guise of being faithful to God's Word, when we may in fact be expressing views that have developed out of cultural and traditional ideas. - Helen Ferguson, Spring, Texas

The greatest marketed

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Regarding "Triumph of discipline" in the June 19 issue (yes, alas, I am this far behind in reading WORLD), I agree that Wynton Marsalis is a fine musician and an excellent example of determination and discipline. However, as an avid amateur trumpet player, I would argue that he is not "the greatest trumpet player in America" but the greatest marketed trumpet player in America, if not the world, due primarily to the marketing power of Sony Records. - Mitch Collinsworth, Dryden, N.Y.

Not all bad

In your Sept. 4 Mailbag someone, in responding to your article "Between malls and martyrs" (Aug. 7), commented that kids are killing kids and parents and committing terrible crimes ranging from drugs to violence. That may be true, but consider the teens who aren't doing those terrible things. I, too, am sometimes overwhelmed by the horrible things I hear on the news that kids are doing, but you never hear what God is doing through teenagers. Give us some credit. - Maureen Bell, 14, Alta Loma, Calif.

Purpose in chaos

Thank you for your coverage of the earthquake in Turkey ("Keeping count," Sept. 4). I have walked those very streets that presently lie in disarray. The article brought back many memories of the Turks I met and grew to love, the beautiful mosques so elaborately decorated, and children playing in the streets. Thankfully, I can rest assured knowing that God has purpose in all that He performs and wills. May this serve as a wake-up call to both the Turks and ourselves. May the Turks be confronted with the finitude of life and secure their hope in the solid foundation of Jesus Christ. May we be diligent in prayer for the brethren who are faithfully carrying forth the message of hope and life in a country full of despair and devastation. - Will Turner, New Holland, Pa.

Poor judgment

You demonstrated poor judgment by including the photograph of the dead girl in the article about the earthquake in Turkey. How would you feel if that were your child? - G.S. Ellis, Gaithersburg, Md.

A great choice

I love your magazine, but regarding the article on George Stephanopoulos ("News Media: Don't adjust your set," Sept. 4), ABC News is not in the news business, they are in the entertainment business. ABC's president knows his business and that is why Mr. Stephanopoulos is where he is. From the point of view of trying to make a buck, Mr. Stephanopoulos is a great choice. - Ron Spooner, Camarillo, Calif.

"W" not Clintonesque

I must disagree that George W. Bush's responses to drug-use questions sound a lot like Bill Clinton's ("Oh, grow up," Sept. 4). The president dodged questions while trying to spin an investigation of criminal activity as an intrusion into his private life. Mr. Bush was asked questions about possible drug use over 20 years ago, and refused to say more than that he does not use drugs and has not used drugs for over 20 years. - David Farmer, Minden, La.

Growing up

We agree with Mr. Belz that it's high time for people in the media to grow up, but we also feel that each Christian home is responsible for the influence of the media in it. After getting more and more disgusted, yet feeling we "needed" to watch the news every morning, we realized that most of what we were seeing was gossip, not news. So, when the coverage goes from actual events to mere speculation (as in "Why do you think Mr. Bush said it that way, Mr. So-and-so, who has never even met Mr. Bush?"), we turn the TV off, realizing that such coverage is almost always furthering someone's agenda. We do still watch network "news," but we try desperately to filter it through God's Word, our Christian hearts, and publications such as yours. - Owen Rigdon, Bakersfield, Colo.

Irrelevant trash

While I very much appreciate your willingness to observe and analyze the secular culture, there are some portions of the culture that are just not relevant. You recently critiqued the Red Hot Chili Peppers' new album ("Beach Boys revisited," Sept. 4) and the movie 8mm ("The movies," Sept. 4). Almost everything the Red Hot Chili Peppers produce is pure trash and I have seen enough commercials to know already that 8mm is a violent, debauched movie. - David Stiles, Rochester, Mich.


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