Pressler pressure

"Pressler pressure" Continued...

Issue: "Top 40 Books," July 3, 1999

Today, the fighting is mostly over. There was virtually no controversy in Atlanta last month. Many who were seminary faculty members in 1979 have been replaced, and the schools are thriving, Mr. Pressler says. He adds that he is easing off the scene to enjoy retirement.

He warns the Texas convention may yet bolt and draw away hundreds of churches-and a lot of mission money-with it, perhaps creating a new denomination. But he also warns against internal dangers: complacency, unspiritual attitudes, and abuse of power. He urges his fellow members to pursue spiritual transformation. He hopes people in Exeter and elsewhere will know what folks "from the South" really mean when they say they are saved.

Edward E. Plowman
Edward E. Plowman


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