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Issue: "Worse NOW than ever," July 24, 1999

We too

I can sympathize Tom Ascol, executive director of Founders Ministries, whose concerns include "members" on the rolls of Southern Baptist Convention churches who no longer attend, "shallow evangelism" resulting in unconverted members, members who lack a true spiritual commitment, and lack of church discipline ("Choosing Calvinism?" June 19). We in the Missouri Synod Lutheran Church have those same problems. I pray that our denominations would preach more than Jesus loves us, that we would have more substantive evangelism and discipline in the pews, along with "biblical reformation of members." We as Christians-Lutherans or Baptists-need to stop leading people astray by our timidity and preoccupation with growth for growth's sake. - Ronald E. Gottschalk, Chicago, Ill.


Ed Plowman's article titled "Choosing Calvinism?" caught our eye when it suggested that we two had "locked horns on the issue." He further suggested that we had conferred about our differences and the result was a conciliatory message delivered at Southern Seminary. Actually, we have never really discussed the subject, although we intuitively know that we do not see the order of salvation events and some aspects of election exactly the same. We have, nevertheless, maintained our friendship and compatibility. We do agree that salvation is the act of God from beginning to end and that God is sovereign over all creation and history. We are also convinced that one may not forfeit his salvation once he has been born again, because God would never lose any of the elect. The bottom line is that someone at WORLD failed to do his homework, which disappoints us. But we remain avid supporters of WORLD. - R. Albert Mohler, Jr.
Southern Baptist Seminary
Louisville, Ky.
Paige Patterson
Southeastern Seminary
Wake Forest, N.C.,

Slow morphing

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As a nearly fanatical King's X fan since the late 1980s, I have been dismayed to observe the band's slow morphing ("Too cool for God," June 19). Most telling of the change was a recent interview in which lead singer Doug Pinnick revealed his struggle with homosexuality. From what I could tell, he has decided to stop fighting it and condemning himself. It saddens me to observe a talented man reveal a core rotten from years of sin with apparently little victory. I pray for him and his bandmates. - Shannon Stowell, Monroe, Wash.

Pot shot

Yes, Doug Pinnick has sent out mixed messages about his faith. This is troubling, but to characterize this as an attempt to be "cool" and to boost record sales is simply a pot shot. - Dan Walsh, Nunda, N.Y.

Religion changes nothing

Just because Doug Pinnick starts being honest in his songs for the band King's X, you're going to say they're no good. Just because he changed his religion doesn't change anything. Yeah, I'm a Christian, but now I see why atheists are the way they are. They can't act honest around you. - Grant Coleman, Marion, Ark.

Come together

Thank you for your wonderful profiles of Alan Keyes, Gary Bauer, and recently Dan Quayle ("Round 2," June 19). I like all three, but I wish they could agree on one conservative candidate and two ardent supporters. - Karen Pyros, Winter Park, Fla.

Wait a minute

Momentarily I rejoiced to be reminded that Murphy Brown is gone and Dan Quayle is "alive and well." Then I said to myself, "Wait a minute-the media has put a fictional TV star on a credibility par with our former vice president." And I am happy to know that Dan Quayle won? What have we come to? I know that I am the proverbial frog in the tub of heating water. I know I should jump, but where? - Robert K. Morris, Doraville, Ga.

Not anymore

I am 14 and have always enjoyed Star Wars. My parents have always said that they were a little uneasy about the whole Star Wars thing, but I tried to shrug it off because I liked it. Well, not anymore. I've always known the Star Wars theology was weird and I just tried to deny it, but J. Budziszewski got it right on the money ("Star Wars redux," June 19). Some will say that we can look past the bad to see the good, but my mom calls that "getting too close to the mud puddle." - J. Charles, Lancaster, Pa.

Bleh, bleh, yuck

My reaction to the review of girls' and womens' magazines in the June 19 WORLD ("'Zine watch") was, "Bleh, bleh, yuck." It's good to know what to avoid, but it would be great to hear also about positive alternatives. - Brian Schwartz, Wichita, Kan.


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