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Issue: "Top 40 Books," July 3, 1999

No justice

On the cover of the June 5 issue is this: "Cox report turns up the heat on White House." This administration is protected from "heat" by a go-along Congress and a fawning national media. While WORLD is to be commended for reporting the Clintons' scandals, you should accept that they will not be brought to justice in this life. - J. Michael Brown, Tulsa, Okla.

Let them hear

I have just read "Forbidding evangelism" (June 5) about the attempt by liberal Christians to prevent Campus Crusade for Christ from mailing C. S. Lewis's Mere Christianity to freshmen at Dartmouth College. What right does any organization have to decide what someone else can or cannot read? By all means, let the students hear all the ideas for themselves and then decide. - Miriam Thompson, Spring Branch, Texas

Sure enough

After reading Roy Maynard's article, "What teens are reading these days" (June 5), we looked on our library computer and found that, indeed, all the books mentioned are available to us in the "young adults" section of our library. I intend to photocopy the article and give it to our children's librarian. They will never "censor" any book by removing it, but maybe they will refrain from recommending it. - Annette Richards, Aurora, Ore.

Wider and deeper

Regarding William H. Smith's Soul Food column ("Strange foreign customs," June 5): While I feel a great loss is being incurred at the elimination of hymnals in favor of "chorus only" worship services, I believe that the Apostle Paul, who "became all things to all men, that I may by all means save some," would likely have embraced much of the "movement." I cannot join Mr. Smith in praying for a narrowing of the stream, but I will gladly join in praying for a deepening of it. - Steve Cast, Oklahoma City, Okla.


I am a 14-year-old homeschooler and I was really vexed when I found out about Gov. Jesse Ventura declining to participate in the National Day of Prayer and installing Rolling Stones Day instead (No-Comment Zone, May 22). I am glad you put that in your magazine. You guys say it like it is. My next letter will be to Mr. Ventura himself. - Tim Frost, St. Paul, Minn.

The gods appeased

It was refreshing to read Cal Thomas's "To the front of the bus" (June 5) pertaining to the audience's spontaneous recitation of the Lord's Prayer at the graduation in Maryland. That is a remarkable exception; for the most part our national religious rites have been fulfilled with the prayers offered in Littleton, Colo., after the human sacrifices. - Leighton Earley, Sparta, N.J.

Small is beautiful

Your point is well taken concerning the size of schools ("Size-wise," June 5). But I do believe that size is of significance when students have spent years in a system where the teacher-to-student ratio is consistently 30 or 35-1 as opposed to, say, 5-1. I also would rather be one of 500 people listening to Charles Swindoll or R.C. Sproul than one of just five listening to "some schlock." But I would rather be one of five listening to Charles Swindoll or R.C. Sproul than one of 500. - Rex Rector, Harrisonville, Mo.


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