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Issue: "The death of discipline?," June 26, 1999


Please cancel my subscription. We see the need for Christian-based news, but recommending Harry Potter books ("Kiddy lit," May 29) cannot be excused. - Nick & Kathy Westervelt, Absarokee, Mont.

Lasting impact

As a children's librarian, I loved Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone. In fact, I went out and bought a copy for myself and have recommended this book to many adults and children. I was very glad to see your positive review. I also agree with you about the children's books written by celebrities. People think that writing children's books is easier than writing for adults, but, as a librarian, I disagree. It's hard to find good children's books that will have a lasting impact on children's literature and, most importantly, on children. - Shanla Brookshire, Pampa, Texas


For Mr. Maynard to call the Harry Potter series "safe, inoffensive, and non-occult" in the pages of WORLD is startling. Ms. Rowling, the author, has simply constructed a new understanding of wizards and witches as morally neutral in order to fit the spirit of our age. - Clay Clarkson, Monument, Colo.


With the plethora of rich, classic, delightful children's literature available, what a disappointment to see you endorsing the Harry Potter series, which features spells, wizardry, and ghosts, however endearing. - Jennie Malouf Gilchrist, Dallas, Texas

A long time ago ...

I enjoyed the articles on Star Wars in the May 22 issue. However, here is one correction. In his article, Gene Edward Veith said, "Star Wars is a futuristic story, taking place 'in a galaxy far, far away.'" But it's not. The movie prologue says, "A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away ... ," not "In the future in a galaxy far, far away." - Colin Richardson, 9, Derwood, Md.

Romantic instruction

Thank you for your wonderful coverage of The Phantom Menace. The comparison of the Star Wars saga to a medieval romance describes the hold this modern myth has on our culture, but there are more lessons. For example, the fall of young Anakin Skywalker to villainous Darth Vader reveals the problem of evil in the human heart. - Elizabeth Kata, Allamuchy, N.J.

Jesus and Jedi

I have just given a copy of WORLD (with the Star Wars cover) to a few of my unsaved co-workers who have recently seen this movie. I believe it will be a great way to begin a discussion with them about Christ. - Steve Gross, Denver, Colo.

Deep impact

As a loyal Deep Space Nine fan, I was delighted to see WORLD's positive review of the series ("DS9 gets deep-sixed," May 29). Obviously, DS9 was not a Christian program. Yet the stories often reflected themes that, as a Christian, I could identify with. Temptation and fall, forgiveness and restoration, even redemption; all these were fleshed out by the characters and situations of DS9 and so I understood a little better how God was shaping my own life. - Vicky M. Tucker, Charleston, Ill.

The first

My husband, a pastor, gets your magazine mailed to his office. It is the highlight of my evening when I open up his briefcase to find the week's new WORLD magazine untouched, ready for me to read first. - Tracy Teyler, Castro Valley, Calif.


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