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Issue: "Quayle's presidential bid," June 19, 1999

The True Force

We returned full of excitement after taking our two kids to see The Phantom Menace and pulled out "Saber savior" (May 22) from the mail. Thank you for the differing views on the movie and its influence on the culture. As Christians who thrive on seeing how the gospel can intersect with the culture, we appreciated the varying thoughts on this week's cultural phenomenon. Overhearing my husband and me discussing the different views, my 7-year-old son shook his head and said, "It was a lot of fun, it was a great movie. Let's just enjoy it." It was a lot of fun and we did enjoy it-perhaps even more so because we know the True Force. Please don't ever stop helping Christians reflect on what is happening in our culture, even if it is "just" entertainment. - Jacquelin Gatliff, Northville, Mich.

Use the culture

Your coverage of The Phantom Menace was superb. Other magazines only discussed the present-day phenomenon, while your magazine took me back into history to find out why the original Trilogy may have been so popular. When discussing the Star Wars series, I always try to bring people back to God's Word and Christ's sacrifice. Christians should be able to use the popular culture to point people to Christ, deftly explaining the similarities to true spirituality as well as the counterfeit. - Carrie Rostollan, Warren, Mich.

Piercing the hype

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I had just come home from watching The Phantom Menace when we got your magazine with the Star Wars cover in the mail. I thought your articles on the movie were right on. You did not get wrapped up in the special effects and hype as some reviewers have, but merely presented the facts about the movie. Personally, I enjoyed the movie very much, although I thought the acting could have been better. - Hannah Pratt, Orlando, Fla.

To demolish pretensions

After seeing the cover photo on "Saber savior," my 8-year-old daughter asked, "Well, that isn't Christian, so why is it on the cover of WORLD?" This seemed a prime opportunity to help her understand what it means to follow Jesus in the world. Rather than sticking our heads in the sand, "We demolish arguments and every pretension that sets itself up against the knowledge of God." I often read letters to Mailbag complaining about your coverage of "questionable material." While the subject matter doesn't often uplift me spiritually, I recognize the need to be informed about the issues that are shaping our world. - Elaine R. Pearson, Boston, Mass.


Balderdash in 1977 and still balderdash 22 years later. That's Star Wars. - Glenn Garner, Sequim, Wash.

What we need

Thank you for your stellar articles on The Phantom Menace. You showed how, while the movie is far from perfect and not worth the idolization it's getting, it might just be what a country with mixed morals needs. - Tyle Huckabee, Lincoln, Neb.

God bless George

The critic in me instantly began to find fault with The Phantom Menace as the credits rolled. Yet Star Wars displays to us good and evil, minus the thick gray line. God bless George Lucas for standing up for something in a world where that is condemned. - Benjamin C. Kreis, Grand Junction, Colo.

Distributing worldview

I do not agree with all the "Force" business in Star Wars, but I will see the new movie and enjoy the time to have fun and not hear cursing. When we have an opportunity to participate in a cultural phenomenon like this we truly can be in but not of the world and maybe even give others a piece of our worldview-much like you did in the articles. - Dave Licklider, Shawnee, Okla.

The baby religion

This article on Star Wars was a farce. Pagan religions, Earth religions are not myths. They were began long before Judaism and especially Christianity, which is the baby religion of them all. New Age is not new. The whole world does not revolve around "what the Bible says." You can only get respect for your beliefs when you give the same respect for others'. Christianity is the myth. I cannot give my name and address for fear of my, my husband's, and my children's safety. You never know what violence Christians are capable of. - Silver Dragon & Lion Wolf
Wiccan Priestess and Priest, location withheld

Too tired

Please cancel my subscription. I am tired of reading about this old sin-infested world. And since when does a "Christian" magazine do a cover story about Star Wars? - Jeff Yutzy, Plain City, Ohio


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