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Issue: "There they go again," June 5, 1999


I was both amused and pleased when I saw the title of Mindy Belz's article on Kosovo. "Knee deep in the big muddy" (May 8) is from a song written by Pete Seeger in protest to the Vietnam War. It is about soldiers who are led deeper and deeper into a dangerous river by a reckless leader, and concludes with, "Every time I read the papers that old feeling comes on.... We're waist deep in the Big Muddy and the big fool says to push on." Only time will tell whether this will apply to the conflict now. God help us. - Larry Davis, Marietta, Ga.


I was impressed by the number of letters printed in the latest issue of WORLD (Mailbag, May 15) opposing your practice of reviewing secular movies and rock musicians. I appreciate WORLD's Christian worldview but I do not want to influence my young teenage children with the reviews. Therefore, I tear out the pages containing the movie and music reviews before allowing my children to read WORLD. Since it creates a tension in the minds of my children, I will likely allow my current subscription to expire without a thought of renewing. - Mark Lyons, Greenville, S.C.

Be informed

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I am thankful for the film reviews in WORLD. I don't always agree with them but I think Christians need to be informed about such a powerful propaganda tool as the cinema. - Steve White, Bloomington, Ind.


I am very appreciative of the entertainment review section. Apparently, this column is quite controversial. As a parent, I am thankful to have an additional screener so that I may better evaluate the "opportunities" which entice my children. We cannot afford to stick our heads in the sand while our kids walk the road to Hollywood alone. - Mary Flinn, Austin, Texas

No swimming

The writers taking you to task for your movie and book reviews are quite correct to believe that the culture is, overall, a sewer. However, you're not advocating that we take a swim in that sewer. Instead, you help keep us informed of cultural issues so that we can avoid Hollywood's moral pollution. - Michele Reboulet, O'Fallon, Ill.

Balance required

I think it is necessary to be informed about what Satan is doing in this world. Otherwise, how can we know how best to combat it? There must be a balance between taking in too much junk and hiding in a hole. - Brian Schwartz, Wichita, Kan.

All too governmental

In All Too Human, George Stephanopoulos reveals his struggle with honesty and ambition ("Tribute and confession," May 8). Despite being the son of a Greek Orthodox priest, he also reveals how he has substituted the supremacy of government for the supremacy of God. - John C. Simmins, Lake City, Colo.

Double drivel

Your article "Double dribble" in the May 8 issue could have been called "Double drivel," what with the quotes from Marilyn Manson and the unnamed MGM spokesman. One pollutes the culture and denies responsibility for contributing to its problems (Manson); the other pollutes the culture and then says it is doing the responsible thing by trying to clean it up (MGM). - Steve Young, Germantown, Md.

Delight in the Psalms

Your recent articles on the Psalms have been a delight ("Our daily Psalms," "Covenant promises," May 8). The Bay Psalm Book was so quick to be published because of the heart-felt conviction that they needed this accurately translated song book to worship their God and Savior. May God grant us such a heart. - Mark Goerner, New Hartford, N.Y.

Babel again

Joel Belz's "Our daily Psalms" powerfully showed us how the Puritans needed and created a "reliable reference point" for the comprehension and expression of their faith with the publication of the Bay Psalm Book. What with the diversity of reference points among evangelicals today, I can't help feeling that an age of spiritual Babel is upon us. - Peter Kushkowski, Haddam, Conn.

Quote of the times

I was distressed to read what Howard Stern said about the Columbine murderers ("A shock too far," May 8). It is a bad sign of the times when someone can even whisper these terribly godless words without fear. - Hugh Henry, Roswell, Ga.

The Clinton approach

It was sad to see World Vision taking the Bill Clinton approach in responding to criticism ("Stonewalling, Inc.," April 24). - Robert Persons, Waynesville, N.C.


Regarding the articles by Mr. Belz and Ms. Cheaney ("Good cop, bad cop," "Babel's tower," May 1), together these pieces sum up the reasons for the trouble I have accepting our nation's involvement in the bombing of Yugoslavia. Mr. Belz points out the irony of our President's amoral behavior in light of his "moral imperative" to punish Mr. Milosevic. Ms. Cheaney points our eyes toward heaven for the solution to the evil of ethnic hatred. - Ted Leininger, Greenville, Miss.


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