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Issue: "Saber savior," May 22, 1999

The darkest hour

We were pleased to read the article "Night terrors" (April 24), describing the conditions for everyday Serbs, who are innocent people under an evil leader. Our college son's e-mail friend has been sending daily messages telling of the terrible fear she and her family have experienced since the bombing started on the day she celebrated her 22nd birthday in a bomb shelter. She said, "I hope you will never live what I lived last night, and I hope you will never be so scared!" We cry as we read her heart-wrenching descriptions after a night of bombing. We rejoice each day when we receive a note telling us she survived another night. Her biggest fear is a bomb going off target. That is our fear as well as we pray for her and the other innocent people of Serbia and Kosovo. - Gail Brightbill, Bradenton, Fla.

The other side

I commend you for reporting the other side of the tragedies in Yugoslavia. I am very distressed that NATO's actions have caused more suffering, pain, and death than Mr. Milosevic's horrendous policies, yet most of the media ignore the Serbian population. - G.J. Gerard, Hamden, Conn.

If we survive

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Serbs are not rallying behind Milosevic. His opponents know very well who he is and what is he capable of. I am not sleeping for weeks for fear for my family. I hate Milosevic and his wife and National television and the political system. Yet, NATO bombed the HQ of the Socialist Party, which had many companies inside, including PINK television and Kosava. No matter how much I dislike them, inside that building I was going to get a job. Now I am unemployed. Thank you NATO very much. And it is not true that Americans will always be unwelcome. We understand the difference between politics and the people. We will soon forgive, not forget, what NATO has done-if we survive. - Name withheld
computer engineer, age 30, Belgrade, Yugoslavia

Now grandma knows

Thank you for your articles on Kosovo. This grandma now knows how to pray better for the situation without having to research the history. - Alexandra E. Hunt, Chesapeake, Va.

More vocal

Thanks for the informative articles concerning nurses and abortion ("Nurses for life," April 24). It is good to know, and not surprising, that nurses as a group are moving toward being more vocal about their pro-life convictions. - Phil Monsen, Selah, Wash.

Come on down

In response to the awful report that Canadian nurses are being forced to take part in abortions even if they are against the practice ("For some nurses in Canada, pro-choice means no choice," April 24), I encourage those nurses to stand their ground. If union officials and hospital administrators in Canada force these professionals to choose between their beliefs and their jobs, then those nurses are welcome to come to the United States where there are a lot of short-staffed hospitals. - Deborah Hurd, Syracuse, N.Y.

Should be fired

Regarding "A new kind of bus stop" (April 24): In my opinion, the bus driver involved should be fired immediately, but I doubt this will happen unless Community Transit is deluged with protests. - Bill Benson, Lynnwood, Wash.

Who needs it more?

Should I be more concerned about Michelle Shocks and myself, who like Christ may expect to suffer discrimination in this world, or people like the bus driver, who may well face the "eternal fire prepared for the devil and his angels"? - Jim Keefer, Loveland, Colo.

Touched a nerve

I agree with Marvin Olasky's recent editorial ("Stonewalling, Inc.," April 24). When I read WORLD's recent reporting on World Vision, I thought, "WORLD is really bending over backward to be kind." Now World Vision responds to this kind reporting with professional public-relations hard-ball tactics. WORLD must have touched a nerve. - Kurt Prenzler, St. Louis, Mo.

Sympathetic investigations

Marvin Olasky observes that many Christian organizations don't understand WORLD's peculiarity, that of being "sympathetic" but still investigating. In today's churches, the one who confronts in love is so rare today that the one being "investigated" doesn't quite know how to respond. I commend you for your stance when it comes to investigating Christian organizations. - Ronnie Jones, Champaign, Ill.

Where he belongs

I'm so glad that Kevorkian was put in his proper place ("Inmate Kervorkian," April 24). Maybe in jail he will realize that what he was doing was wrong and come to accept Jesus into his heart. - Michael DeMaar, Linden, Mich.


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