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Issue: "School vouchers debate," May 15, 1999

It's our job

Thank you for your insightful article regarding Christians debating the tax issue ("God, Caesar, & the tax code," April 17). It is crucial to remember in this debate, however, that Scripture is not addressed to governments; it is addressed to individuals, mostly Jewish and Christian individuals. It is Christians who are challenged by Jesus' teachings and other Bible references to care for the poor-not governments. Government's job is to govern, not to be involved in giveaway programs. It should never have been a function of government to take an individual taxpayer's money and use it for welfare. That should be the choice of the taxpayer. Understanding this fundamental principle will go a long way in repelling the "scriptural" attacks of liberals. - Bob Moore, Houston, Texas

Breadsticks with that?

I especially enjoyed the irony of your latest cover. My personal recipe for a federal reform salad: Lettuce alone. - Tom Evans, Pittsburg, Calif.


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Thank you for the cover article on "God, Caesar, & the tax code." It was thought-provoking and challenging. Beyond that, I agreed with it. - Joel Solliday, New Haven, Conn.

What do we really want?

I agree that an income tax which applied a single, low rate to a broad definition of income is consistent with the biblical emphasis on impartial justice. But is the Christian community more interested in a just tax code or in simply reducing the level of taxation? If Christians are only interested in lower taxes, regardless of the details, then we risk becoming just another interest group with its hand out, saying, "Where's ours?" - Paul Koch, Bourbonnais, Ill.

Tax cuts absurd

I am an evangelical, but if Dick Armey as presented in WORLD is a true representative of evangelicals, then I am going to be ashamed to admit it. Tax cuts in view of our multitrillion-dollar national debt are an absurdity. A flat tax is even worse. - James Faul, No. Newton, Kan.

Out of control

My husband works very hard so I can stay home. Then I see where all our tax dollars are going and I ask, "How did it get so out of control?" I know there are Americans who care about the issue of taxes and some are standing up and writing their representatives. I'm one of them and I want to know when we will be heard. - Megan Schweitzer, South Berwick, Maine

Too bad

Thank you for the most informative article on taxes. Too bad the average person only worries about the tax burden once a year. - Jill Kaltenthaler, DeWitt, Mich.

Death and taxes

Jesse Jackson's pro-tax argument ("God, Caesar, & the tax code") that Jesus was an "at-risk child" because his mother had to walk unpaved roads and he was born in a manger is superficially compelling-unless you consider that the reason for those circumstances was that Joseph was being forced to register for taxation. These same taxes were subsequently used to fund a campaign of infanticide focused on killing young Jesus. In the end, taxes financed his execution on the cross. - Jonathan Edwards, Athens, Texas


Where's my representation? Your "Tax dollars at leisure" article informed me that frozen-meat pizzas and all-cheese pizzas each have a set of government inspectors to protect my neighbors. But my husband and I prefer mushroom and veggie, so it seems that we alone are left to fend for ourselves in the grocer's jungle. - Lesly McDevitt, Chandler, Ariz.

More socialistic

Proud to see your articles on taxes. They were very informative. Every tax increase makes us more socialistic. I equally dislike rebate and tax time paperwork. - Thomas C. Abney Jr., Ozark, Mo.

Not just a war

I was glad for Mr. Budziszewski's clear and concise "boiling down" of just what constitutes a just war ("Checklist for Kosovo," April 17). Using Mr. Budziszewski's criteria, I conclude that this is indeed a just war. I sincerely hope that we will have the political willpower to carry through on the effort and return the displaced Kosovar Albanians to their homes. - Chris Tourville, Lancaster, Pa.


Barbara Curtis's "No hasty retreats" (April 17) is the most positive article I have ever seen in your thought-provoking magazine. - John P. Jardin, Dover, Del.

Not worth the risk

I was really sorry to see an article like Barbara Curtis's "No hasty retreats." While we can be salt and light no matter what arena we are in, it's a serious mistake to use that to justify putting our kids into public schools. Adults should be able to hold their beliefs in a secular world, but children are still forming their worldview. Public schools are far more likely to influence them than vice versa. No matter how much good we can do as parents in the public school system, is it worth putting our children at risk? - Katalin Korossy, Kensington, Md.


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