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Issue: "Columbine: Teenage martyr," May 8, 1999

Sowing blood

It concerns me that the president has involved America in a civil war in the Balkans that has lasted for centuries over religious and national disagreements that a few cruise missiles cannot possibly resolve ("A war too far," April 10). It concerns me that this bombing is being conducted under the auspices of NATO, even though no NATO member has been attacked. It concerns me that the Russian Duma has condemned the NATO attacks. But what concerns me most is that President Clinton may be cultivating a generation of America-haters across the globe. By his bombing of Iraq, Yugoslavia, and others, is there a growing generation of disgruntled fathers, sons, and brothers of those killed by our cruise missiles vowing to extract vengeance someday by shedding American blood? - Steven Costello, Lake Jackson, Texas

Clarity required

We need clear objectives for our purposes in Kosovo, for the relief of Albanian refugees and peaceful coexistence in that land. We need to repeat the success of Desert Storm-the American people supporting those in leadership, as well as the troops shipped to Kosovo. - Stacy Scott, Hot Springs, Ark.

Real, but not unique

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How refreshing it was to see Joel Belz raise the question of the unequal responses of our nation to other injustices, wars, genocide, and so on around the world ("Good cop, bad cop," April 10). The atrocities against the Kosovar people are real and horrific, but are they any worse than those against the people in Rwanda and other countries? - Sunnie Waggoner, Salida, Colo.

No distress, no problem

In your most recent issue, we were delighted to see Gene Edward Veith's article, "Tossing the last taboo" (April 10). It brings attention to a very important and neglected matter-the gradual push for normalization of pedophilia. Under the influence of postmodern normlessness, psychologists are being persuaded that if we observe no obvious distress and disability to a person, then his condition-however morally condemned-is psychologically normal. Thus we hear statements such as the following, from a well-known psychologist: "I know of no convincing evidence that even pedophilia is harmful to the boy." Another eminent researcher and author, Robert Stoller, has said that regardless of its psychological origins, sadomasochism is no more perverse than "dislike of zucchini." There is little open objection to such philosophies within the psychological profession, and NARTH is fighting a lonely battle which needs to be more widely acknowledged. To date, we have been prevented from even announcing our conferences in American Psychological Association publications, and even a paid ad was refused by the major psychoanalytic association publication. - Linda Ames Nicolosi, National Association for Research and Therapy of Homosexuality
Encino, Calif.

Circling the drain

One of the most troubling aspects of this study is the use of the victims' subjective feelings of no harmful effects as objective proof that no harm was done. Often the victim is the last to see harmful effects. What this proves is that psychology as a science is circling the drain. - Rich Asper, Watertown, S.D.

Out with the old ...

Homosexuality is not a "lifestyle" or a choice ("How homosexuals fight," April 10). What do you say to gay couples, that it's wrong for them to love someone of the same sex? What are they supposed to do, stay celibate because religious fanatics like you disapprove? You people are a joke. Old, intolerant ways will not be tolerated much longer in this country, guys, so I suggest you get used to it. And you know something? I'm not even a homosexual, but I'm almost obsessed with you anti-gay crusaders because I find it so hard to understand you. - Frances Del Rio, Oakland, Calif.

Battle after battle

Mr. Veith wonders how 3 percent of the population that is homosexual can transform culture while the 43 percent that go to church do nothing. A quick answer is that the homosexual movement is basically of one mind; the "church" in America is split into thousands of denominations and non-denominational groups all doing their own thing. Is it any wonder we get beaten in battle after battle? - Randy Harris, Midwest City, Okla.

Beats us

Praise God for WORLD. It is not just good; it is brilliant. I love Mr. Olasky's and Mr. Belz's editorial articles-worth their weight in gold. Your magazine contains more information than Time, Newsweek, and U.S. News & World Report put together. But why should I subscribe? My son and my two sisters each subscribe and I get it free from them. I feel guilty, but what can I do? - Neal Vanderwerff, Seattle, Wash.


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