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Issue: "Not-so-smart bombs," April 24, 1999

Too tough on the president

I enjoy your magazine and I am no apologist for President Clinton, but your recent cover story on the Los Alamos lab nuclear weapons scandal ("Remember Los Alamos," March 27) seems to me unfairly to lay too much of the blame on him. Granted, some of these secrets may have been smuggled to China during President Clinton's watch, but it also appears that technology may have been secreted to China during the watches of both President Bush and President Reagan. Your own story notes that suspected spy Wen Ho Lee has been working on the nuclear weapons program since 1979. This is not a problem unique to President Clinton or his administration. - Phil De Haan, Grand Rapids, Mich.

Waiting for a word

Cal Thomas hit the nail on the head ("Chinese carry-out," March 27). It would be great to hear a word of truth from the Clinton administration. I have lost count of how many scandals have engulfed our president. Hopefully the election in 2000 will put a man in the Oval Office who will have some decency. - Kyle Puelston, 16, Farmington, Minn.

Is it stealing?

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We were among those who tried to do business with Great Christian Books during its demise ("We're all broke," March 27). We found it strange that they charged our orders to our credit cards before the orders were to be shipped. We were surprised and inconvenienced when those books didn't arrive on time, or ever. We were grieved that no one contacted us to explain the situation. We were shocked that they took our order even when the ship was sinking. Individuals are personally responsible for the money lost by GCB customers. They made the decisions that led to the company's demise. Is taking money for orders without sending the books lying and stealing, especially when it is known that the order may not be fulfilled? - Jim Newheiser, Dallas, Texas

An unsatisfied customer

I was dismayed at the attitude of Mr. Wallace, whose Great Christian Books business failed. Not only was I a customer, I often referred orders to them as well. I will in the future be more wary of so-called Christian businesses. At least I finally heard something, thanks to WORLD. - Rita Combs, Chardon, Ohio

Seemed like a good idea ...

We think it should be mentioned that at the time, it appeared that most of those decisions were in the best interests of the customers and all related parties. Unfortunately, in time it became clear that such was not the case. We are deeply grieved that many customers will not get the books they paid for, many vendors will not get paid, and other related parties will not receive what was due them. Such occasions do not bring glory to our Lord. We apologize for mistakes that we personally made over the years. Our prayer is that somehow the Lord will make it up, in one way or another. - Walter C. Hibbard, Founder
Phillip C. Hibbard, President, Great Christian Books

Blind, but not cowardly

I agree with Mr. Belz about the horrors of abortion ("Cowards," March 27), and I know as well as anyone, and better than Mr. Belz, the pain and regret you carry with you for the rest of your life. But I object to Mr. Belz calling those involved with abortion cowards. I had an abortion when I was 21. You see, I have always believed in God, but at that time in my life I didn't know Him and I did not allow the light of His word to guide my choices. I chose to terminate my pregnancy because I loved my boyfriend more than I loved my baby and more than I loved God, so I did what my boyfriend wanted me to do instead of the right thing. I am not excusing the fact that I killed my child. But looking back I realize that I made wrong choices because I was blind to the truth. I see those involved in the abortion industry as also being blind to the truth. We must pray for them and find ways to reach them with God's love. - Anita J. Morton, Urbandale, Iowa

Voicing morals

I just wanted to applaud your article, "Cowards." You did a great job of intertwining the murderer philosophy of Eric Rudolph and the abortion clinics. The article was thought-provoking and well-written. Thank you for being a moral voice. - Michaelle Stirratt, Chicago, Ill.


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