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Issue: "Kosovo: What's next?," April 10, 1999

Beyond tough talk

Alan Keyes is not a prophet ("But can he win?" March 13). He is, however, a political candidate from the same mold of candidates that founded this country. The principles of our own republic-life and liberty-are at the foundation of Mr. Keyes's pro-life stand. We've been told that a "big tent" Republican majority is our only hope. Yet, earlier this year, the Senate majority gave away every advantage and allowed our felonious president to escape unscathed. The party mentality has given us moral cowards who talk tough but retreat at the mere mention of an unfavorable poll. Others may throw away their vote for a "winnable" candidate whose political conversion to moral issues ends the day after the election. As for me, if Alan Keyes is on the ballot, he already has my vote. - Michael Irish, Chippewa Falls, Wis.

So much more

I was thrilled to see Alan Keyes on the cover of your March 13 issue. However, I was disappointed with Bob Jones's narrow coverage of this incredible man. True-nothing fires up Alan Keyes more than the issue of abortion. But there is so much more. Mr. Keyes is right on the mark on every issue, from education to Social Security to taxes. Yes, he can win if those who believe in individual responsibility support a man who, although not one of the "front-runners," is not afraid to run the race as God would have him run it. - Debbie White, Wentzville, Mo.

A must-win situation

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Thank you for the write-up on Alan Keyes. He is the type of person we sorely need in this time of moral decline. It doesn't bother me that others think he can't win; I believe he must win if we are to salvage this nation from the degradation that both political parties have brought us to. - Rev. John C. Quigley, Kenedy, Texas

Don't fall for it

Your huge headline ("But can he win?") plays into the hands of the liberal Republican strategists who argue that conservative and pro-life issues do not resonate with voters. If they can trick conservatives into withholding support from candidates like Pat Buchanan and Alan Keyes by repeating the mantra, "But can he win?" they will have succeeded in putting down conservatives without having to discuss the issues. And when it is all over, they will say, "Didn't we say no one really cares about the pro-life issues?" But if pro-lifers strongly support candidates with convictions like Mr. Keyes and Mr. Buchanan, though they lose, there will be a powerful message sent. - Jack & Christine Smith, Cherryville, N.C.

Crossover appeal

Alan Keyes not only stands head and shoulders above the other candidates when it comes to oratorical skills, he also brings something new to the arena that no one else has the ability to bring: appeal to many potential crossover Democrats, primarily minorities, who would vote for Mr. Keyes in droves in a general election. It would be a fatal mistake to underestimate the potential of Alan Keyes. - Mrs. Pam Pfenninger, Houston, Texas

An expensive whirlwind

After wearing Levis all my life, I stopped when the company started promoting the homosexual lifestyle ("Slaves of fashion," March 13). Levi-Strauss sowed the wind of supporting sexual immorality. Are they now reaping the whirlwind of lost income? - J.D. Moyers, Littleton, Colo.

Something to celebrate

Not only is the demise of the Levi-Strauss empire "not worth crying over," as Chris Stamper put it, I believe it is something to celebrate. The Levi-Strauss company is an unabashed supporter of homosexual rights. Several years ago, Levi-Strauss pulled its six-figure funding of the Boy Scouts after the Scouts refused to allow avowed homosexuals to become Scout leaders. Might this decline in sales be a result of the boycotting efforts of grassroots organizations? - Salongo Reis-Green, Wales, Wis.

Our own PC police

Your editorial on the culture wars is dead on ("Babylon, USA," March 13). We have ignored true culture by retreating into a purely Christian ghetto. Moving out of it will take self-examination and deep thought about what is and isn't compromise. Here's part of the problem: When a Christian artist creates something not specifically Christian but clearly in line with Christianity, do we praise him or try to drag him back into the fold of the "religiously correct"? Unfortunately, we have our PC police too. - Robert Dunbar, Dixon, Ill.

Keep it up

My wife and I appreciate seeing WORLD in the mail every week, and we always pass it along to fellow believers. You provide such a refreshing contrast to the liberal media. Keep up the good work! Don't let those who cancel their subscriptions discourage you. They're fooling themselves if they think the liberal media will give them unbiased news. - Tommy Cheng, Torrance, Calif.


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