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Issue: "Surviving the Y2K panic," April 3, 1999

Wake up

I am appalled at the lawyers who are suing companies for the choices of individuals ("Smoking guns," March 6). I am even more appalled at the citizens who feel they must "make the manufacturers pay for my choices." I was not raised in a Christian home, but I was raised to take responsibility for my actions. Now that I am a Christian and am raising my own children as such, it is even more evident to me that we need to take responsibility for our own choices in life. Yes, the tobacco industry and, perhaps, the gun manufacturers are making deadly products and making packaging appealing, but the consumer still has a choice. Wake up, people! Take responsibility for your own actions, no matter what the consequences. What values do you want your children to grow up with as your legacy? - Amy Gibson, Seaside, Calif.

Let's be consistent

Blame shifting might not be so bad if it were consistently applied. If cigarette companies can be sued for the health care costs of their products and gun makers can be sued for the damages their products do, then abortionists can be held accountable for lost tax and Social Security receipts due to the prenatal deaths of over 35 million people. Balance the budget and rescue Social Security-liquidate the abortion industry! - Bill Brewer, San Antonio, Texas

Sticking up for big business

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What a breath of fresh air to read "Smoking guns." It's about time someone stuck up for business. It's nice to know that as these companies come under legal fire for targeting a vulnerable segment of the community with manipulative ad campaigns, that there's someone looking out for the big guy. - Dylan Morgan, Belle Glade, Fla.

There's hope

I saw a ray of hope for Marlboro and Smith & Wesson in your March 6 cover article. Maybe they could get a few of their lawyers to talk to some of those sociobiologists ("Darwinism evolved," March 6). - Sherry Allen, Hood River, Ore.

An inside job?

Thank you for reporting about the incredible "tree hugging" article printed in World Vision's Together magazine ("A model response," March 6). You may have let Mr. Myers off too easily. The article is so blatantly pantheistic that few critically thinking Christians would mistake it for anything else. Unless this was an "inside job," it should have been caught a long time before it hit the streets. - Lou & Joann Phillips, Noblesville, Ind.

Trees in the family

I was disappointed by your article "A model response." Mr. Olasky's insinuation that "tree hugging" is unbiblical highlights an important problem. Does he suggest that trees do not "[share] an intimate, even sacramental place with us in the Body of Christ?" Why should the Body of Christ not include trees, which are a vital part of His creation, especially when He commands us to be stewards of His earth? Mr. Olasky's disdain for World Vision's article seems based more on a response to the left-wing environmentalism of the article than to its real Christianity. - Daniel Lassiter, Augusta, Ga.

Prove it

If the pantheistic views articulated in its magazine are truly "not World Vision's position" (as opposed to what it wants its image to be to its conservative donors), I hope the organization will prove it by its actions. - Honey Burke, San Diego, Calif.

Presumption of Parenthood

Thank you for publishing Lynn Vincent's "" (March 6). I contacted the Teenwire site and left it feeling, among other things, disbelief and indignation. Such disingenuousness on the part of Planned Parenthood (in feigning an unbiased position) merits its renaming as "Presumption of Parenthood." - Mark Minegar, Otsego, Mich.

Crusade discreetly

Planned Parenthood's e-zine is yet another instance in its continuing parade of moral decadence dumped on our youth. Continue your crusade to shed light into darkness. But please, be discreet about what pictures are written in the minds of the readers. - Craig Schmidt, Fort Collins, Colo.

The opinion that matters

WORLD has stumbled onto the root of Bill Clinton's unrepentant behavior problem ("Darwinism evolved," March 6). If, as Roy Maynard suggests, Hillary is infatuated with sociobiology's shallow explanation of adultery stemming from evolutionary forces, then why should her husband bother to change? If she says, "It's all right, Bill, you're only an animal," then why should the opinion of anyone else matter? - John Longmire, Sugarloaf, Pa.

Free indeed

While reading "Unknown persecution" (March 6), I couldn't help but think of the Scripture that says, "the Word of God is not imprisoned" (2 Timothy 2:9). Many persecuted believers would attest to the fact that His Word is spread in times of persecution. It should motivate us to bring "the truth that shall set you free" to the lost. - Kathy Hodorek, Warsaw, Ind.


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