How homosexuals fight

"How homosexuals fight" Continued...

Issue: "Kosovo: What's next?," April 10, 1999

Seizing on the perfect foil, Chastity Bono, the lesbian activist daughter of entertainer Cher, used her podium time to hammer home the gay line on Christians: "I've always attributed [gay inequality] to the religious right and I still do, with even more conviction now," she said. "The tools they use against us are hate, fear, and the false mythology that somehow gay and lesbian people are a threat to family values.... We're not a threat, and we're not going away."

Miss Bono did not mention that the life spans of homosexual men are, on average, 20 to 30 years shorter than those of heterosexual males; and they are shorter even if the ravages of AIDS are not factored in. Or that the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force, while claiming to champion freedom, partners with those who oppress and victimize young boys. Wrote Mr. Kirk and Mr. Madsen: "Our effort is achieved without reference to facts, logic or proof.... The person's beliefs can be altered whether he is conscious of the attack or not."

But some are fully conscious of the attack, and are both battling gay activists and reaching out to homosexuals who want to change. Focus on the Family's John Paulk teaches a day-long seminar for churches called Love Won Out. The program provides attendees with tools for ministering to gays and lesbians. In California, Randy Thomason heads the newly formed Campaign for California Families, a group that is specifically targeting swing votes on the state's pending pro-gay legislation. And pro-family legislators have introduced Defense of Marriage Acts in 21 states.

But organized pro-family activism is only part of the solution to turning back the homosexual offensive. Both Mr. Thomason and Peter LaBarbara, president of Washington, D.C.-based Americans for the Truth About Homosexuality, say the involvement of individual Christians is paramount, and express concern over widespread Christian apathy and "war-weariness." Indeed, many Christians, laymen and leaders alike, refuse even to acknowledge that there is a war, said Mr. Dobson in his March 23 broadcast.

Focus commentator Mike Trout agreed: "One day we [Christians] may wake up and find out that not only was there a war, but that we lost it."

Lynn Vincent
Lynn Vincent

Lynn is a senior writer for WORLD Magazine and the best-selling author of 10 non-fiction books.


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