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Issue: "Joe DiMaggio: In memoriam," March 20, 1999

Compassion in Paris

I just finished reading Marvin Olasky's article about compassionate conservatism ("Fake contrasts," Feb. 20). Another example can be found here in Paris, Texas. For three years the Faith Presbyterian church (PCA) has hosted the Agape House Free Medical Clinic on the third Saturday of each month. Volunteers from churches all over the community come and share their talents with our neighbors in need. No one is paid. The church provides space and all the amenities free of charge. No one has religion forced down his or her throat, but the 70+ patients we see in a four-hour period know they and their family members can listen to hymns in the sanctuary, or read any of the literature we set out for them, and receive Bibles in English or Spanish, if they desire one. Some volunteers walk among the folks and visit with them, sharing the gospel as the opportunity is presented. In all this we, as a church, have not compromised our conservative faith, teaching, or outreach. If anything, we see our efforts as fulfilling in part Jesus' words in Matthew 25. - John M. Kelley, Paris, Texas

Bad cartoon

I would like to thank you for your wonderful coverage of today's current events. It's great to read a magazine with a Christian perspective, instead of one that twists, alters, or just leaves out the facts. But I was surprised to see one of the cartoons in your Feb. 20 issue. The way that Mr. Payne portrayed Monica Lewinsky was, I believe, totally wrong, especially for a Christian magazine. - Kyle Puelston (16), Farmington, Minn.

Where are the laughs?

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Your magazine is great, but personally I think it could use a bit more, you know, comedy. - Elias Utegaard, Duluth, Minn.

Surplus is illusion

I was disappointed with WORLD's report on the record surpluses ("1,700,000,000, 000," Feb. 20).The report continued the government's deception claiming there is a surplus when in fact the budget is still in the red. The surplus is derived from folding in the income from the Social Security taxes. The government has been following this procedure for years in order to keep the deficit lower. But Social Security taxes are supposed to be reserved for Social Security and if borrowed to shore up the general budget they should be reported as borrowed, with interest paid on that money, just as with any other government borrowing. Therefore all, not just Mr. Clinton's 60 percent of the so-called surplus should go to shore up Social Security. The problem is the government doesn't know how to save money. All it can do is borrow and spend. At least somebody in the news media should be reporting the truth. - Eldon Hall, Westwood, Mass.

On the money and more

Cal Thomas's comments on Mr. Clinton's deception on the budget are right on the money, but it goes even farther. Here's what Mr. Clinton doesn't say: The government hasn't paid off one cent on the national debt in 39 years. Last year with a $70 billion "surplus" the national debt went up over $100 billion. The government now owes the Social Security Trust Fund (SSTF) over $700 billion. Interest on the national debt is now over $430,000 a minute 24 hours a day year around. Mr. Clinton has lied about a lot more than sex. He is lying about our national finances and our national debt. Even sadder is the fact that the Republicans are letting him get away with it. - L. James Harvey, Upper Marlboro, Md.

Liars in gowns

So glad WORLD told the Rigoberta Menchú story ("Academic icon exposed," Feb. 13). Yet it is more than a story, it is a lie, regardless of the spin academia puts on it. The apostle Paul wrote of those who "refused to love the truth" and "exchanged the truth of God for a lie." Since Genesis 3, man has an insatiable appetite for everything except the truth, which frees us. So, half-truths and anecdotal misinformation fill our history books and become the warp and woof of the liberals. As a family we spent over 30 years living, eating, sleeping with some of the poorest in South America. Yet anger, resentment, or envy were not part of their lives. Nothing similar to the Rigoberta fabrication. - Aubrey Clark, Orient, Me.

Informed hope

Just a note on Lynn Vincent's "Death on life support" (Feb.20) and the comment concerning the Kevorkian death machine that delivers "chemicals into the veins of the hopeless." Many of these patients and their families could be given information on pain control, hospice care, etc., and then could make an informed choice about their future. - Mona Belcher, Mobile, Ala.


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