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Issue: "Smoking guns," March 6, 1999

Truman defeats Clinton

It seems to me that if President Clinton had chosen Harry Truman as his role model instead of Jack Kennedy, he wouldn't be in the predicament in which he finds himself today ("Do we love the rascal?" Feb. 6). Truman stated, referring to an appointee who was a terrible disappointment, "He'd use his office for his own enrichment, he's not true to his wife (and a man not honorable in his marital relations is not usually honorable in any other). He'd sell out me or anyone else he's associated with for his own gain." That is a scary scenario when we remember that the president swore before God and men that he would uphold, defend, and protect the Constitution. Perhaps Mr. Clinton is showing us where most of the country stands when it comes to fulfilling our vows to our spouses. Is the reason Mr. Clinton's ratings are higher than ever because we have so many adulterers in the general population? - Joyce Meyer, Jamison, Pa.

Ticket balancer

It's nice to read the news without personal attacks on the House managers or Republicans in general. The derogatory remarks made in the other news media are extremely biased: criticizing how Henry Hyde walks, how big Paula Jones's nose is, etc. I have been so proud of the conduct of the House managers and other Republicans in Congress. I have also been proud of Democrats in Congress who have not stooped to personal ridicule and petty remarks having nothing to do with the trial at hand. - Virginia H. DuBose, Albion, Calif.

Let the polls decide?

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Clinton's attorneys and those opposed to impeachment quote the polls as reason not to convict. However, if we are to follow the polls, why then is there no legislation outlawing partial-birth abortions (with 80 percent disapproval of the practice)? - John C. Ward, Akron, Ohio

We deserve him

President Clinton and the Senate remind me that ever since the time of the book of Judges (about 3,500 years ago), people usually get the kind of leaders they deserve. - Glenn Tuley, Melbourne, Fla.

Support the moral

I enjoyed "Wandering in the desert," about The Prince of Egypt (Feb. 6). As a youth minister, it concerns me that more Christians would go to the movies and support Titanic rather than The Prince of Egypt, which Hollywood spent $100 million to make. We need to wake up as Christians and support the "moral" and not the "immoral." - Dean Paul Pryor, Hagerstown, Md.

Mixed feelings

I find it strange that you declare The Prince of Egypt to be a box-office "bust" when it has earned nearly $200 million worldwide, among the highest grosses ever for a non-Disney animated picture. Still, it would have done even better if we evangelicals had been a little less picky about minor flaws. We complain that there are so few good, wholesome, God-glorifying movies out there. Yet when a major studio takes great pains to produce an enjoyable, technically dazzling film that treats God with reverence and respect, and that even directs viewers to the Bible for the full story, it seems all we can do is find fault. After this, I fear that Hollywood might write off the evangelical market as being more trouble than it's worth. - Glen Hoge, Pikesville, Md.

Correcting the record

Gene Edward Veith did a great job recapping The Prince of Egypt and its spinoff merchandise. However, he misspelled the name of the music group dc Talk as DC Talk. Also, Mr. Veith wrote that dc Talk, in its version of "My Deliver" is "one of the few artists and spinoffs to stress the way in which Moses points ahead to Christ," and then he quoted the lyrics from the song: "Moses heard the whole world cry/For the healing that would flow/from God's own scars." Mr. Veith's observation is commendable and is certainly not incorrect; however, "My Deliver" was written by the late Rich Mullins, and as the song is preserved on The Jesus Record (Mullins's last album) the song lyrics read: "... Jesus heard the whole world cry/For the healing that would flow/from His own scars." What Mr. Veith missed in his article is that the original version of the song, which is about Jesus and not Moses, was changed (by either dc Talk or someone in authority over the "Inspirational" Prince of Egypt album) to become more adaptable to the context of the movie. While changing the lyrics of songs is an accepted practice, the change in the lyrics (toward Moses and away from Jesus) of this song seems to reflect some of the conciliatory efforts that went into the making of the movie, the albums, and the books. - Scott Dilley, Danville, Ky.


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